As I mentioned, our little town had its' annual fair this weekend. I am tired, my feet ache, I might still be a bit queasy from being stuck in the spinning monkey ride with 3 over-zealous young boys, and I am Red.  Not sure if it's a sunburn, or from the candy apple.  either can't be good.

We spread our fair fun over 2 days:  I find kids as young as mine are only good for a couple of hours, and then they are ready to go back home.   They get overwhelmed by all that there is to see and do. A fair is a noisey place......and you'll know it's a country fair when you hear a cow moo in the middle of the featured rock band's set.  
"more cow bells!!  it needs more cow bells!"

Friday was family day, and thus cheaper gate entry, cheaper ride tickets, less tickets to ride. Um, so there.  Saturday of course is the busier day, and my mom and MIL came along for the fun.
But the pics tell the story best.   
(sorry for the cuteness overload, mom got a new camera.....I would never carry such an expensive item to a country fair, or any distance greater than 2 feet given my clumsiness.....let alone whip out my cell phone to snap so many pics.)   So thanks for the great pics mom!

Monkey Boys' first stop...Drop Zone.  Yes, he's 6.
Zoo Zoo's favourite ride
Wild Hogs...get yer motor runnin....

Monkey Boy front, Angel Girl behind (check hat), Zoo Zoo on LB's shoulders
 Holy crap!  Mom downloaded just over 300 pics for me!!
Here....I'll make it easier for you.   Fair Mosiac!

we didn't just feed ourselves.  you Can feed the animals here.

the little goats actually escaped at one worries, ZooZoo got em, by the ears

 Mommy had to get in on the fun too.  Oh yes I did!

loved. every.second.
Left Brain, moms, and myself also tried this very cool Hang Glider ride.  (not all at once....we didn't abandon the kids).  You lay down on your tummy and it's like your flying through the air.  Very cool....but no one thought to snap a pic. 

Of course, all this riding and playing games makes you hungry.   We ate french fries, poutine, Beavertails, cotton candy, and ice cream.   Nice cold lemonade to wash it all down.   After considering the damage to my diet, I briefly considered doing the Drop Zone myself; a surefire way for the calories to exit my system.   No BFFs in sight though, and quite certain Left Brain doesn't know about the whole "hold my hair back" thing.   

It was quite hot and humid the second day, so we headed on home.   Faces dripping ice cream, cheap toys clutched to chests - that would be the kids -- feet wearily dragging, and sweat dripping -- that would be the adults.   Good thing something cool awaited us at home!

and after a healthy BBQ dinner, my mom surprised me with a special treat.  Which, of course, being a loving AND super cool mom, I shared with my minnions.

ta-da!  The candy apple
clearly, it's good
Tired, freshly bathed (what is that freaking red dye anyway?? scary) kids abed and a grandma behind to keep watch.  Date night!   In the evening, the fair always has a band playing.  Since we live across the street from the fairgrounds (seriously), we can hear the concert from our front lawn.   Let me set the scene:

that's left Brain...a tiki torch, citronella candle

some refreshments
that does look tasty, doesn't it.   wanta closer look?    

Presenting..... Bacardi Orange Cremesicle!

Slightly less calories than a candy apple.

But just as tasty....Trust!

And now the band has finished playing, the torches and candles have burned down low, and family fun day at the fair, has come to an end.   

Are you a rides person, or the one taking the pics?