Here is your Tuesday Coffee Chat Sneak Peek

As per the scrolling text under the header, next weeks' edition will focus on Rant or Rave.   Do one, do both, your choice.

Got a bee in your bonnet, a burr under your saddle, a long list of pet peeves?  This is your chance to let fly!  No holds barred!  That's right...I am giving you free rein to let it all out.   I won't delete links for profanity (just try not to go too crazy),  controversial topics, or because your politics,  religion, or sexuality differs from mine.  But if you do need any guidelines on how to still be respectful, I suggest clicking on that "Take The Pledge" button over there before you have your say.  

On the other hand, if you have something glorious to share....please do!   Fab shoes on sale?  pics please.   Kid brought home some genuis fridge art?  Brag away.   Great summer vacation that will make us all jealous?  turn me green.  Got a great product review, contest or promoting something on your blog?  Shameless self promotion welcome. 

Write your post and come back on Tuesday (I actually usually have my post and linky up late Monday evening for my overseas readers) to link up.    The link will be up until Wednesday at midnight.

Also, since a ladies Coffee Chat should be all about sharing, if you have any topics, just send me an email and if I choose the topic, I will feature you as the co-host.  It's a small hop right now, but I am not giving up hope that it will continue to grow.  Feedback most welcome!