I love, love, love it when other bloggers share their wisdom with others so that we can all achieve a blog design we can be proud of.   Since I cannot afford at this time to pay someone to design my blog -- like, say, a comment system that doesn't cause my page to randomly freeze-up --- I have to rely on my own scary wits, and the generiousity of others.   

The majority of design blog here I have done myself, but with things such as the Header, the scrolling blog button marquee, and now my coffee cup social media buttons, I have had some assistance.  I have read much advice on how to make your blog more appealing to readers in the last couple of months.   Two things I consistently read are 1) a clean, easy to navigate blog, and 2) offering several methods for people to follow you.    This seems contradictory at first, since you would have to install several widgets to achieve the multiple follow options.   Thus, I had Facebook widget, Twitter widget,  Follow by email widget.    Messy and slow. 

So I was very happy and relieved to come across This Article/Tutorial over at Adventures as a Small Town Mom.   Her tutorial is really easy to follow, and the process is so simple - Trust, if I can do it, so can you.     And if you are already a techy, smartie-pants, at least visit her site to read about Small Town Lingo, or explosive diapers because that sh#t is funny!

Adventures as a Small Town Mom

Thanks again Meg for sharing your wisdom and making it super easy for computer dummies like me!