The weather in our little town can often change on a dime. Lately we have had some glorious sunny days. But the last couple (thank you Mother Nature for waiting until after our family reunion weekend) of days have been sunny one minute, then thunder rolls in the distance.

The Sun
trying out the new pool

Monkey Boy enjoying the sprinkler option
Then suddenly, the Storm
Can you see the seagull on the light?

But, red sky at night.......sailor's delight!

room with a view
And just for a bonus:  what mommy sees from the driveway on her way to the gym.

how sad is that baby in the window
Ok, so not exactly wordless today, but Left Brain is on nights, so I have had barely any adult convo in almost 48 hours.

Linking up with one of my favourite blogs today - Thanks to Merry for hosting!

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