Home Sweet Home!
Was there ever truer words spoken?   Tonight, fresh from a hot bath and a good book, it sure feels not.  Although I had to summon some serious denial about the mound of laundry which surely needed the hot water more than I.    Then again, perhaps not.  

You might not have noticed that I was gone, since I did prepare some reading for you in my absence.   And yes, Angel Girl is healing quite nicely.   Thank you for your kind words everyone!  She's loving that I haven't been able to wash her hair for 5 days. *gasp*.   But I do apologize for the lack of comment love on my part for the past 4 days.  

Just returned from our little vacation in the Muskoka's.   I tried to blog, but we couldn't seem to get connected from our room.   But who could complain about the lack of Internet connection with this view.

a fine place to enjoy your morning brew
Welcome to Cleveland's House!   A lovely resort in Minet, Ontario......Muskoka area.  

It was beautiful.   A really enjoyable place.    My only complaint was that we had no hot water in our lovely 2 bedroom cottage for half our stay.  Not fun.  Not with 3 kids needing baths after days spent in the kids club, sandy beach and ice cream desserts.   The free bottles of wine almost made up for it......

Sorry?  what's that you say.......um, wine?  No - before that?  Oh yes...Kid's Club!? 
That's right my friends.   Almost a whole day of uninterrupted beach time, sans enfants!  
 And believe me......they did not miss me at all! 
Would you if this were your office  club from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm?

mini putt

Welcome to Clives' Playland!

sectioned off per age group

the giant color cube, complete with ball pool

Zoo Zoo ruled this yard!
My view and Left Brain's play yard......see it out there floating?

Japanese water gameshow anyone?
The accommodations are really great.    The pic below shows the Garden Room Suites, but we had a beach side 2 bedroom cottage, with a living room, one full bathroom, AND also a half bath.    In my vacay delirium, I forget to take a picture of ours.   But we basically had the view of the lake as in the one above.

There is so much to do at Clevevand House.   There were kayaks, 4 swimming pools (2 in Kids Club, 2 in main resort area), huge hot tub, the beach, a bonfire area, tennis courts, and their own golf course.  They did an amazing water ski show -- including a jump.   The food in the dining room was really good.  And all the staff, from the office, to the serving staff, the housekeeping, and especially the Kid's Club, were friendly and amazing.

tennis anyone?

a quick round o' nine?

Not sure if you can see it, but the Marriot is in the background, up on the hill.   
We were there for a family reunion, Left Brain's side, and the staff arranged some activities for us.  They did a whole Amazing Race type thing, but Left Brain would have to tell you because I had to sit that one out while Zoo Zoo napped.    We also filmed a commercial and did a photo shoot while there.  So anyone who has Shaw Cable may soon see my mugg on your TV screen in the near future.  (Be kind --- the kids were up very late every night, and Zoo Zoo did not sleep well.)

**Disclaimer:  My father-in-law won a contest through Shaw which paid for this family reunion. Thus, the trip was at no personal cost to me (um okay, slight tab at the bar), however, while this reads like a review, it is not in any way a paid review.  I didn't even tell them I am Bloggy Mom, or a Twit.  

That little disclaimer aside, if you are looking for a really nice place to enjoy a family friendly vacation.  One where you can trust that your kids will also have a really fun time, and you need not worry....and might even enjoy a few relaxed moments of your own -- Cleveland's House is definitely for you!  

But on this long drive back to where I belong Manic Monday, which will very shortly also become my Tuesday Coffee Chat.......there is truly, no place like home.