I have a bloggy dilemma.
Well, that may be a bit dramatic....it's more of a question, a quandary, a conundrum, if you will.
Even though I started blogging in 2009 (almost at 250 posts!!), I still don't know all the bloggy etiquette.

I know you should comment, follow, like etc. etc. those who bestow similar attention to your blog. That's pretty straight-forward.   I try very hard to keep up with that...when you know, I am not raising 3 kids and taking care of a home.   And I suspect many have the same time dilemma I experience; that you cannot possibly keep up with them all every, single day.  Plus manage your own.   And as long as everyone is aware of this, and is okay with this, the bargain is struck: go forth and blog.
 I forgive you the blog bypass, if you also forgive me.
From time to time.

And therein lies my problem.
What if it is not "from time to time?"
Say, they visited once, left a comment, usually along the lines of "hey, nice blog, I am following you now, love you to follow me here." Which is a great first start - don't get me wrong. So you click and follow; leave a nice comment. And wait. And wait. And wait. Perhaps you truly enjoy their blog. You leave another comment. Wait some more. Nothing further from their side. So I wonder....
What's the point?  Is it really just all about the numbers? 
Do I...pause...*sharp intake of breath*... Unfollow?
(oh, I feel like the meanest girl in high school even thinking about clicking that button!)
It seems trivial to unfollow just because of a failed return comment. They could still be reading. And if you like their blog, what's the big deal?

Here's the short of it:   There is a blog I follow. I really enjoy it. She seems like a person I would really like if I met her IRL. When I first discovered her, I didn't say "hey follow me." But I've left comments. Several. But nothing. No response. No follow. No return comment. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
And let's just clarify one thing, straight-away....
....I don't mind that she hasn't reciprocated.  That's not what's troubling me.  Plus, I got me thicker skin than that.  Although, I also think, how hard is it to type a quick "hey thanks for the lovely comment...."  but I digress.
My question is....well, about Me.   Due to the one-sided nature, do I keep Following?  Keep commenting?  I have this horrible vision of her sitting down to dinner with her family, and right after Grace, saying, "so that stalker girl left a comment on my blog again today. Ugh! When will she take the hint!"
The me in the vision is of course horrified!
What - does she think I have some kind of girl crush?
(only you Sandra, only you!)
(ok, ok....I may have admired a Mean Girl too,)

Correct me if I am wrong, please, but isn't that why we are all out here - doing our thing?   Sharing.  Interacting.   Creating dialogue.  Methinks someone who didn't want the attention, interaction, or some kind of reaction, would just go to Starbuck's and buy a pretty journal and some pens.

Could I be wrong?
I know there are some blogs that have thousands of followers, and receive hundreds of comments...I don't expect them to visit my little neck of the woods.   Although.....some most surely have. 
There are blogs I follow where I always read the new posts.   They are THAT good.  So I will normally leave comments more than once per week sometimes.   I am working under the impression that is The Point.  But.....
Could it be.....in continuing this one sided relationship; does that make me a blog stalker?!

Over thinking perhaps.
And I don't like to think over-much.

So how 'bout it?   Am I not getting the hint?
Would you be upset if someone Unfollowed you, or is it just par for the bloggy course?