The lazy days of summer are upon us.  Left Brain is still on holidays, so the days are definitely easier on mama.  I'm reading a book!  I even high hopes of finishing it!

Today the temperature reached the 30's (that's 90 F for my American readers), just proving that Canada is not just the land of ice and snow. Although, we are experts at dealing with cold weather. What do we do when the sun threatens to scorch our wintery toughened hides?
Same as anyone else.   Grab the hose and fill up a cheap plastic pool.

pool + sprinkler = waterfall pool
Zoo is quite taken with the whole idea.  
They call her Jedi Baby.......but she dropped the light saber just as I snapped the pic.

Relaxing in the shade on Canada Day

On other days, we are getting all dolled up for Monkey Boy's soccer games.    And yes I did let her leave the house like that.   There will be plenty of time ahead in the teen years to start the "you are not wearing that are you?" discussions.  I prefer to pace myself in these things.

only Posh poses as fierce

Of course my garden continues to grow....especially minus one ginourmous tree.  I should have taken a before and after picture, but I was too busy re-landscaping my entire garden to bother snapping a pic.   You can find more pics on the In the Dirt page.

looking lush at long last
beautiful of my faves
Actually, now that I think about it.   Between tree fellin', garden tending, pool fillin', soccer games, and backyard holiday bbq parties and fireworks......the days have not been lazy at all!  It seems we are always heading out the door on some adventure.   Which is typically Canadian I guess.  When the sun don't want to miss it!   The local beach (yes, we have beaches) is on tomorrow's agenda. Sorry that I haven't been very good at taking pictures.    But trust...the summer is far from over!  And we have many more plans, including one very fabulous trip HERE in the near future.

So while the blog posts may be a bit less frequent...TRUST....

.....there is LOTS going on.  
And I will return to share.