Presented to myself, on behalf of my very patient children who have enormously enjoyed thankfully been content to be home amongst their own toys.  Now this may seem a bit dramatic, perhaps even self-grandiose, but you have to understand...what a complete imbecile I am regarding all things computer techie.  With all the "mommy fails" I can experience any given day, I have decided this is one pat on the back I have most definitely earned!  My accomplishments this week:

1.  create a new button for weekly meme, Tuesday Coffee Chat.   I will give a sneak peek of the topic next time for those interested in sharing a post and linking up.

2.  creating the necessary link tool (required 2 very late nights - but thankfully, $0.00).  Totally have no idea how to do it again for the next time.   Baby steps, Rory!

3.  scanning, cropping and publishing my new Avatar.   So long farewell old RoryBore Image!
And Thank You for all the lovely comments regarding the new pic. *blush*

4.  I also signed this new pic up with Gravatar so that it will follow me all over the blogosphere.   Although, kind of wondering if that is a good thing??

5.  Deleted myself from some social networks that I was not using very often.  Between this blog, following other really amazing blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Triberr......hands full, balls dropping everywhere.  Time to scale back.

6.  Install my comment forum.  Love that I can now reply directly to a comment.   I will try to refrain from being a Miss Chatterbox though.....but please, give me a few weeks with my new toy.

7.   And Finally.....created a CONTACT ME page, complete with a form that can be easily completed and submitted directly to my inbox.    So, if you have a question, want to do a Guest Post, or are a company just dying to make me rich currently seeking a spokesperson, feel free to complete the form.

Whew!  And the house is still standing!   And the kids are wearing clean clothes.   I even fed them several times too! 
Disclaimer:  This course of duty was undertaken by a professional organizer; lightly fueled by midnight shots of caffeine.  Attempts to create the same results within your own home may not produce similar results. 

Although, I am totally willing to share and/or pass on this award to anyone else buzzing around the blogosphere this week.

 As for now?  Well, this is actually Mama's Day Offline. 
It's time for this Busy Bee, to stop and smell her flowers.