It is a sombre note we strike today for our coffee chat.
Notes that will always bring the cold hard lump of fear and dread to my heart.
Left Brain is away today.
Adding his own heavy boots to the hollow beat of the march.
Bagpipes adding their mournful notes to the backbeat of a thousand marching feet.
Have you ever heard such a haunting sound?

Left Brain goes to honour the Fallen.
It is expected that about 7,000 others will march along side him to honor Constable Garret Styles, who died last week.  They will come from far and wide across this great nation, and likely from the United States as well.

He leaves behind a widow, Melissa, a 2 year old daugher Meredith, and a 10 week infant son, Nolan.   Melissa will deliver the eulogy.   I cannot even imagine the strength and courage required to speak in front of so many, while your heart is full of grief.   While your heart breaks for your children, who will not ever know their father.   My heart goes out to her, who is now living my worst nightmare.

It was another police widow who spoke the words now associated with the police memorial.

"He was our hero in life, not death."

If only other 15 year old boys who want to take the family's minivan for a fateful joyride, could also see the man behind the uniform.  The father behind the badge.

Perhaps then, the echoes of marching feet and sorrowful notes of the bagpipes crying would sound nevermore.
Godspeed Garrett.

Please observe a moment of silence for all those who run into danger, while the rest of seek our comfort and safety behind their shield.