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Time out for Mom

So this week I am chatting about a topic we are all probably pretty sensitive towards:  weight!   Specifically, that post baby weight.  Now I am not one to eye the scale every morning; in fact, I don't even own one.   I prefer to judge based on the fit of my clothes (which frankly....it ain't good right now ladies), and how I feel overall.   Energy is low, but it is getting better thanks to fairly regular gym visits lately.   I have not seen any change in how my clothing fits yet; Left Brain assures me that at my age (but your Honor, he asked for it!), and with all the weight (yes, your Honor, once was not enough) from 3 babies:  it will take awhile.

Hmmm.   A while.  That's a pretty subjective time frame.  In my view, since I am doing 3 times the exercise I was previously non-engaged in -- I should be in those short shorts I bought last summer by now.  Nope.   I hear all these stories about women who drop 15 pounds in 3 weeks!   
"That's just water weight," says Left Brain  (seriously your Honor, the man was practically begging for it!).   Well, a while or nay.....I wish I'd shed some "water weight" soon.   Heck, I'd be happy for a few droplets at this point.

Thankfully, and contrary to my preconceived notions regarding danky, dark basement gyms, there is quite a bit to keep you entertained while you get your sweat on.   First you have a row of TV's in front of the cardio machines.  Various stations carefully selected to appease the most discerning clientele.   Um yeah....I had sports, sports desk, and Young and the Restless as my options.   To my relief this movie trailer did appear at the mid-way point: (this is not a PG rated trailer, so exit the kiddos from the room.)

Love, Love, LOVE Jason Bateman!  Remember Silver Spoons?  I think I was the only little girl with a crush on Derek Taylor, and NOT Ricky Stratton.  And Ryan's not too bad on the eyes either.

And it was a good thing I had such fodder to distract me, what with all the grunting going on.   Not me!  The menfolk.  The young, sweating, bulging bicep menfolk that Should have been enough motivation to sustain me through 30 minutes on the treadmill.....except, they grunt.  A Lot.  What is up with this?  Seriously, do they not hear themselves?   Granted, they definitely are working much harder than a rookie such as myself.   But, there must be some kind of "exercise etiquette" that must be enforced.  Surely if I must wipe down each machine after my hands, legs, or hiney has touched the surface, we can find a way to muzzle the grunts?
Although, I am surprised I could hear them at all over the blaring music.   Is "Welcome to the Jungle" the official workout song for heavy weight lifting?
(Note to self:  ensure iPod is FULLY charged prior to next workout.)

 I sound cranky.  Sweating and heavy breathing does that to me.   No, not the fun kind, although that feels like work some times too.  Ha.  I keep waiting for that endorphin rush.   Finally, I see something that pricks my interest; gets my heart beating fast; and I feel the blood pumping....

Two guys, guilty grunters over in a corner lifting some heavy weights, start feeling each other's pecs.  I mean really squeezing each others' chests.   Then they move on to biceps, delts....Oh My God....he's not gonna???....Yes, Yes....the quads!

google search
  Maximum heart rate achieved!

I'm so busy watching this little scene, that I don't pay attention to my next weight set -- the lat pull down - I sit, grab the bar, pull and......."GRUNT"
WTF?   Oh crap!   Another grunter had done a set in between mine: with much heavier weights.

I am one of them now.
So how about you......privacy of a home gym, or sweating with the grunts?
If you have any fitness, or healthy eating tips, recipes, share them with us!