It has probably be since, like, Forever... that moms could be heard down suburban streets, breaking the still quiet with a holler:

"Stop running in the house!!"

But to a child, a hallway like this is just too tempting I guess:

this way

that way
Nice slippery hard floor is perfect for sliding in socks.
But wait!
What are those?
pretty enough....seems harmless
And watch out for this in the middle:

that's a Sharp Edge!
So to sum up.
Running child, slippery floor, pair of shoes left on the sliding surface, and one sharp edge, equals:

a 3 1/2 hour visit to the ER.   Lots of screaming,  a failed sleeping pill (told them they would need an elephant dart gun to keep her still), several large needle pokes to freeze, more screaming while stitching is done, and one pink Popsicle for the brave girl.

And yet, I think the whole adventure was twice as hard on mommy.   My Angel Girl will probably have a scar now, but at least it is high up on the forehead and her hair (once it grows out, and which the cutting of was probably the most painful part for her) will cover it.

So again kiddies; when mama says Stop Running.   You might want to listen.  Or at the very least....get your stuff off the floor first. 

And note to mommies:  an ER entertainment kit is not a bad idea to keep handy for those loooonnng waits.  They had 2 Pinkilicious books that I was stuck reading for 3 hours.  Not that I could have probably carried an additional bag, what with my purse, my daughter, her blanket and keeping a cloth on her bleeding head.

just look at that pout too

the shot that makes mama cringe and cry

and the secondary wound she complains most about
So she is otherwise fine, but we do have to watch her closely for the next 3-5 days -- for signs of concussion, and infection.  Perhaps the greatest irony is that Angel Girl has had Tangled playing continually on the DVD.  But of course, when I need her to sit and rest, she doesn't want to watch it.