Our Pastor recently did a series of sermons entitled "Family Matters".

We tend to think that that our "roles" have become blurry in this modern world. Moms go to work, Dads stay home. Or both work, and someone else watches your children.  Or maybe it's Grandma doing the daycare.  Whoa there...not a judgement; just saying that is what life has become. You know this Pledger thinks there is more than one right way to do things.    We all find our way eventually.  I am more referring to the idea that our roles are blurred; as in, no longer clearly defined.

However, Biblical, they are defined.  Well defined.   The role of a man - son, brother, husband, father, leader.   The role of a woman - daughter, sister, wife, mother.    God's design, clearly stated.   The question is not where to find it, but how to live it.    Yelling can sometimes be easier, than pausing a moment for prayer over your young charges.   I've sat through a million sermons in my life, read hundreds of spiritual books, and even I don't always pause to do the "Godly" thing.   Emotions run too high, on too little sleep.  The storm comes before the calm all too often.  And nightfall brings a thousand promises to be better when the dawn breaks.   Then something breaks......and here we go again.

But the thing is, it matters.  They matter.   So I strive to be better, again and again and again.  Not through the strength of my promises....but HIS.  They always ring true.   This life I have been blessed with, although it often seems like a dreary repeat cycle of wake, clean, feed, play, clean, feed, sleep, clean, wake.....it matters.  To Him., and to the family I am called to Serve.

One of my little promises to myself and them is, no matter how bad the day has been, no matter the joys, pains, punishments, I always tuck them into bed with a song and a prayer.   So much more than wanting the day to end nicely, calmly, I want to reassure them before sleep that they are loved and treasured.  That in mommy's busy day, there are certain things she will always take time for.   That no matter what they have done, there will always be forgiveness, and I hope that they will learn to forgive mommy her failures too.    You just have to take the time, even in the midst of the storm, to show them that they matter.

What matters in your house today?

On a side note:    My family currently resides at this HOUSE 
But more on that later.

Cleveland House's main dock
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