One of my favourite summer Sunday afternoon activities....strolling through my gardens. 
Let's see how the garden has fared during this insane heat wave. Thanks to some early week rain, my rain barrell was full: overflowing in fact. So I made sure everything received a good drink during this stifling heat.   It would seem my garden is loving it!

pretty petunias (LOVE that double one - bottom left)
lillies (planted by previous owner)

Phlox - one of my faves

patio geranium

And of course, another stow away.
I have no idea what this flower is - Angel Girl tells me she dumped a packet of mixed seeds that I had created for Mother's Day at our church in this spot -- there are several others that seem to be coming up too.   But I really love this can only see a few blooms in this shot, but its just covered in blooms. 
I think it might be Mallow??
Anyone, anyone?

garden volunteer
How's your garden holding up in this heat?  
Do you rely on Mother Nature to water, garden hose, or rain barrell?
(I can also been seen at dusk ferrying buckets of water from the kiddie pool to my various gardens.)