I love my computer.
It brought me to all of you.  BUUUTTT.....yeah, you knew that was coming.
I hate my computer.
I need it to keep "Bringing it" to all of you.
I don't like to need anthing.   It smacks of desperation, right? 
Me big girl now!  Do self!
But you see, most of the time....I don't know how to use the darn thing.
Everything is a learning process. Trial and error. Don't yell at her...talk softly and sweetly to her. If you are nice to her...she'll be nice to you.   Never raise your hand......

yay, yay, I get it.   Kind of like parenting eh?
Except I am pretty sure when I mess up as a parent....they don't just disappear.
(Did you just sigh?  I'm sure I heard some expelling of breath out there somewhere???)

Unlike what happened to the pretty post you should be reading.

Here I sit, alone while Left Brain works the night shift, updating my lovely garden page.   When *poof*.....gone.   I accidentally closed the page I was editing, and when I re-opened the page....it had saved nothing.  Nada.  Zip.    All the lovely new pics of blooming, fragrant (ok, so you cannot smell them) are gone.    I have to start all over.   
Okay, well yes, that is kind of parallel to what I have to do with kids, day in and day out too.   Somethings just don't stick the first time.  ya know?   Ya gotta go back and reload. 

However, now it is after midnight.   Did I mention the words Left Brain and night shift?   That means mama is on her own Saturday.....with 3 kids in tow.
Mama doesn't want to be tired.....with 3 kids in tow.

Mama needs to reload.
So you @#$# computer.   That's it!  You are so in a time out, big time!
Maybe I will come play with you tomorrow.
Maybe mama needs some "real" time in her garden.
Yeah!  Then I will have even More pics to load for your enjoyment.

Won't that be fun!  *side eye*

Compute This!!

So, how was your Friday?