So, back home again after another whirlwind weekend away!
And....back to laundry -- which sucks since I just did it PRIOR to going away.  
Ah, just had to sneak something in there didn't ya!   However, you did start the day with a lovely morning rain shower, so now I don't have to water the garden.   And one less thing is okay with this momma.

The kids are more than happy to be back amongst their toys, so I think this Monday will actually not be too bad.   There's work to be done, but I think slow and easy will win the race today.    I doubt I have the energy to go any faster anyway.     Lots of fun and sun on the weekend.  

The weather was just beautiful for visiting some family that travelled to my moms'.   All the kids had just a fantastic time at a local beach (giant water snakes aside - true!), and running around the backyard blowing bubbles, and playing with water guns.   So glad we were able to visit with my brother's family.   We rarely get to see them - and it's been TWICE this year now.  Blessings!

Then Sunday was a family reunion (moms' side) at my aunt's cottage.   Again, kids spent almost the whole day in the water.  Monkey Boy and his cousin were snorkeling for hours following all the sunfish and perch around the dock.   The simple joys, right?   Was a good reminder to stop and see what THEY see.   And water snakes this time.

And of course, good times with family means......good food!  
I am still soooooo full!  So definitely on the agenda today:  GYM
At least, that is what I am telling myself as I sit here sipping coffee, typing and it's already after 11 am.  
or, being chased by giant water snakes works too

And also on the agenda, although much later in the day, i.e. kids abed and Left Brain on the night shift, catching up on all the blog reading I missed on the weekend.  As nice as it was to be "unplugged", play dominoes, and have lovely visits:  I've missed y'all!!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your week has gotten off to a good start.