Normally on my little blog, honesty is the policy. I'd like to think I stand for truth in advertising, so-to-speak. 

(Although....that red headed Avatar you see over there?  yeah, not me.   My kids actually designed it.   Grandma has red hair.   Mine is Garnier Belle Color 635 a beautiful Light Terracotta Brown.)       

You will rarely see a picture of me on this blog.  Not shy.  Not embarrassed.  Not hiding.
I am holding the camera people!  Plus, everyone knows -- you do not want to follow cute kids!!    Worst. upstagers. Ever.  Next to cute puppies.

But there are times when the real mom behind the kids must be revealed.   The mug must be presented.  And this is where Monday - well, it can get a little manic.   I cannot be rushed.  I need 5 minutes of uninterrupted bathroom time.  
Because I am a make-up whore.
Seriously.....arrive at the bus stop bare-faced --  are you mad?  Grocery Store? Church?  forgetaboutit!    Throw out that fabulous Chanel eyeshadow quad I rarely use - forsooth!   But since I have 3 kids, one of which often attached to a leg, that leaves mommy very little time to "put on her face." Not to mention, off balanced -- which is critical for mascara application.

Now I am not saying that I cannot leave the house without a full rainbow pancaked on my face.  (Although I will always have some form of sunscreen....just smart ladies!)  But since my destination just might be Walmart....I DO NOT want to end up in one of those slideshows!  So I make an effort.  Call me old fashioned, but I do not really want Left Brain to return home to a haggard looking....well, hag.   It's not a self esteem thing...I know I don't Need it.   I am not giving in to an advertising image, or pressure of what "beauty" is.   Quite honestly....besides it being the me that I know - that familar face staring back -- I just like it.   It was fun when I first discovered that blue eyeshadow and red hot lipstick in my friend's mom's vanity, and it's still fun now.   I can look my best....on my own terms.

And come on.  How good does it feel when you have been tweeting and blogging till 2 am, and someone sees you next day and says how great you look!  Not tired looking at all!
And you know what.....I don't.
Because I know how to fake it.
A store clerk was very surprised that I had turned 40 recently.....and had 3 kids at home.   She asked me my beauty secrets.  Well, shucks.....I didn't think I had any.
I'm no Beauty Expert, per say, but it turns out, I do know a few tricks. 

Secret #1:   Forget all the expensive creams, lotions, miracle cures -- with possible exception of Creme de la Mer- if you are okay with a 2nd mortgage on your home, go for it; because it is amazing!   If you are like me and don't like debt.....aloe vera gel.  And I mean GEL.  The real thing.  It's all I have ever used on my face.   If you have an actual plant - all the better.  No chemicals and earth friendly.  

Secret #2 -- Cleanse!!   This world is dirty!  I don't care if you wear makeup, or not - wash your face.  If you want to cease aging must encourage cell renewal, so cleanse!   Again, you don't need expensive stuff.

Used it for years.  Cheap and it works!

Secret #3 -- Protection.   As in Sun.  Always.  Nothing will get you that "rode hard and put away wet" look faster than sun damaged skin.   So many products include SPF now: check them out and at the very least, do this.   I like the Pur Mineral 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation because it gives a light, natural coverage AND has SPF 15.   This is what I wear on my face most often.  Benefit's Hello Flawless SPF 15 is good too.

So your freshly scrubbed and glowing, and your face is protected from harmful rays.  The basic is done, but the kids are getting ansy to get out and you're checking the clock on the stove wondering if you will even have time for coffee to go.  YES - you do!   I take the travel mug to the bathroom.  Most days, I am just going for the 'awake and refreshed' here's my 5 Minutes to Fake It Look.

Dark circles under eyes, small lines, scars, or spots?
Benefits amazing camoflauge
I love Dandelion
 Add one of these for a lovely glow    

These illuminating powders from Benefit are really great because you can wear them alone, or over some kind of foundation/mineral powder.  I also use the Dandelion color as a blush because it is very subtle.
 If I want a bit more color, and one that will LAST....I dab some of this (which also comes in a handy purse size version that also has lip gloss!)

they also have a posie tint and mango

I don't normally do all the eye liner, shadow thing - which is probably good for regular daytime anyway.   (But I can do a mean smokey-eye when I want too.)  But I do like to pop my tired eyes with a bit of waterproof mascara.   A stroke of white eyeliner on the inside corner of your eye is a nice little trick too.
pick per your eye shade
If my skin is looking dull from a late night, a few dabs of this over the cheeks, under the brow....or even mixed in with a liquid foundation, perk it right up!

And, you're done!
You can now skip out your door; still-hot coffee in hand.
No one has to know about your late night bloggy and tweeting addictions.
Your secrets are safe with me.

**This may seem like a paid review for Benefit Cosmetics  (not opposed to doing one!) but it is completely my own, uncompensated opinion.  My face can react to make-ups and I have used their products for years - no problems.  And they have the prettiest, coolest, hipest packaging ever!**