To my neighbours to the South! (ah duh, thank goodness for edit! how did I miss that?)
We share much more than the world's longest undefended border.   The relationship that has spanned two centuries and become one of the most successful international relationships in the world.   Our close cultural ties are so....well, close, that often the rest of the world cannot distinguish us from one another when travelling abroad.   At times we may be tempted to distinguish ourselves from one another by stubbornly listing what we are NOT, rather than what we are.  But I think the days of  "sleeping next to the elephant" have long since passed.  

Oh sure, we've had our differences and we don't always share the same view on politics, war and environmental concerns.  True, we have separate identities:  yet our respective leaders have sung Irish ditties, golfed and cheered at Olympic hockey games.   I cannot speak for others, but I have no fear of becoming "Americanized" despite a media diet rich in the red, white and blue.   And why should I?   Would I fear becoming like a close and treasured friend whom I not only admire and respect, but have deep affection towards?  Nay, Nay.

Many countries in the world also share borders; economics and security dictates they be partners and allies.   And yet, geography does not necessarily make them great neighbours.   What is it that sets our 2 nations apart?   How have we achieved such a successful relationship, partnership and become more than allies.

Well, I believe that history will tell, at some point, in our shared past and with an ever wise and watchful eye to the future.....we became more than just allies.   We became friends.   And no matter the differences, no matter what the outside world may bring...
....friends ALWAYS have one another's back!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day USA!

 P.S  A google search of "American and Canadian symbols" gave me about a million pictures of a scantily clad Pamela Anderson.   Sincere apologies.