Okay....perhaps a tad too much.
But after swigging Coke and popping Skittles  many hours spent labouriously at the keyboard, I have finally managed to retrieve, and update my In the Dirt page.  

That would be about my gardens for those of you who might be sitting alone in the dark, hoping for more. 

So, new pics are posted and aside from now having a nervous tic regarding the "save now" button, I feel much relieved that I do still have more than a few functioning brain cells.    To clarify:  the cause would be Mommy Brain (seriously, how many IQ points do you think you drop per kid?), and not for those of you who read my Friday 5 and marvelled at my numerous hangover remedies.

And since I am clearly in the a self-congratulatory mood.....I also created a Favicon.
I did what to a con?
Yeah...pretty much where I was about 40 minutes ago too.  
Score 1 against ole wives' tales:  clearly, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

So the Favicon is that little icon that now appears before your Blog URL.   Most of us Bloggers would see that Orange Block with the white "B".   
Google search
But for me, you should now see this:
(Oh, please tell me you see this -- if not, send a Coke and some sour Skittles.)

It's not too difficult, since new Blogger actually has an Edit Favicon feature on your Design page.  All you have to do is find your image, shrink it to icon size (most common is 16x16) in an applicable program, then upload it.  

 There you go.
Did I just teach something?
I mean, above the "Dora, you have to go through the flower meadow AND over gumdrop mountain...or just get a GPS already" kind of teaching?

Don't worry....I won't make it a habit.   Then you'd just expect me to be all smart and knowing all the time, and I really don't think I can afford all the Coke and Skittles to maintain that.