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 One of the great childhood games.
And probably the only reason I would ever run.......I am being chased.
We've actually been trying to teach Zoo Zoo how to play. She never freezes. Or unfreezes. She just likes to run and scream and laugh. Which really, is pretty fun too on a lovely summer day, in a big open field.
How very Little House on the Prairie of us.

Why not bring a game of  Tag into bloggy world.   Especially considering recent posting difficulties. After crossing the 40's threshold, I'll do anything that will keep me feeling young.  Much thanks to "Germs" (yes, I was dying to use your nickname!) over at Kiddothings
for tagging me.

1.  Do you think you're Hot?
Um, no.  I feel some distance away from the status of MILF.
And I'm okay with that.  Since, officially, that's kind of offensive anyway.
But that doesn't mean I am not striving to get my body back into shape.

2. Upload a picture/wallpaper that you are currently using.
Cuba Vacation......Soooo long ago.
 3.  When was the last time you ate chicken?
My MIL made a really delicious curry, peanut chicken the other day.  It was served cold, but was so yummy.   Served with sliced melon, kiwi, and potato salad (oh, heaven at the table!). 

4.  What was the last song you listened to?
Unfortunately it was a selection from The Wiggles on the return trip home from MIL's.   However, it was much preferrable to the whiney sing-song "Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama??" coming from the toddler behind me.....FOR 40 MINUTES.    I never lie.

5.  What were you thinking while doing this?
That I actually can "point my fingers and do the twist."
And of course, who will I tag?

6.   Do you have any nicknames?  C'mon...what are they?

Nessman (as in Les Nessman, Buckeye News Award winner)
Taz (from sports day long faded away....hence, no one calls me this anymore.)
Bug  (lovely bestowed upon me from a favourite aunt.  She taught me to ride a horse....she can call me whatever she wants.)

Now....what are you doing still standing there!
Yes you.....listed below.....RUN!
Whooops...ha ha too slow!
You're it!

 Miranda from A ThankFULL Heart


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Grumpy Grateful Mom

 Heidi at Crazy Daisy Momma

And aren't ya glad it wasn't DodgeBall?