Oh Canada!!
What a gorgeous sunny day we have been given to celebrate your 144th birthday!
Cheers, eh!

Left Brain and myself have been down at our local park enjoying some of the fesivities:  splash pad, play structure, bubbles, face painting and music under the gazebo.    And my goodness....THE FOOD!!   Already we have had hamburgers, french fries, cotton candy, popsicles, and an assortment of candies as prizes at the various games.    Now we are home for a well earned rest for Zoo Zoo, while the older 2 cuddle and watch Tangled (yes, again) with daddy.    Then a healthy! dinner, bath, pj's and over to a friends house down by the river to watch the fireworks.....and yes, eat more junk.   But yes, you just HAVE to eat some smores while watching fireworks.

Of course there is not as much action in our little town, as the big party down the highway on Parliament Hill.   However, we decided that with still having a baby/toddler.... perhaps next year we will join the big party on the Hill.    Unfortunately it means we miss the big,  I mean ROYAL guests of honor:

Now that IS a hat! 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Canada, and on Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day.   And how fantastic does Catherine look.....that hat - notice the red maple leaf?  And she is also wearing a jeweled maple leaf broach on loan from the Queen.   Some say that the Monarchy is outdated, that of all days such as Canada Day why would we honor the Royal Family.......well, that's a post for another day I guess.   For myself, since I know being Canadian is more than just being a nice host, but also knowing where it is your roots come from........I bid them a hearty welcome and enjoy the party!  

And I wish all my Canadian readers the same.
Have a happy and safe Canada Day everyone!