Ok, Ok: I know, I know....

.... I took a pledge

and thus should not question, criticize, or otherwise speak negatively regarding another mom's decisions, methods, or choices.

Specifically, when it concerns the all-hallowed snack tradition (apparently established long before we were minivan driving, Starbuck slurping soccer moms) of the colored sugar water frozen variety.  Yes, I am talking about the colossal coolers filled with even more colossal freezies.    Yes, they are hot and sweating, it is summer, I get it.  Fun, fun, fun!  Yay, good work team.  Now eat your giant sugar treat and let's get home to bed. 

Not that I'd mind this after the odd game, but it seems to be the standard rule.  And you know the looks you get when you deviate from the norm.  Hence, I was a bit worried about how my orange slices and watermelon would be received.   Monkey Boy was clearly up in arms and I feared he would turn his entire team against me.   I was definitely NOT being a cool snack mommy.  There I'd be with a whole gang of hot and sweating 6 - 10 year old boys, spitting watermelon seeds at me in protest.    Angel Girl?  Yeah, no help there....she'd be searching the fields for the tell tale "cold boxes" she knows contain the prize.   And she is very aware how cute she is.   She'll score one for sure, even if big brother, who did all the running, does not.    I nervously opened my cooler and took out the plastic containers, slowly opening them, while I kept one wary eye on the surging hungry-eyed mass approaching me.

"OH yeah! watermelon...awesome!"  one boy practically fell face first into the container.
"Look! Orange slices too! and we don't even have to peel them!" another sweaty hand reached into the orange container.
"Hey! Guys....seed spitting contest!"
"oh, sic! let's see who can spit the seeds farthest over the fence!"
One boy, orange slice stuck over his teeth, proceeded to "hunt" down his fellow teammates, as the "Orange Dracula" who feeds on the juicy brains of soccer players.  Okay...officially, gross and what movies does your parents let you watch?  But secretly...I am thrilled and loving it.

And then I hear the quiet voice from somewhere behind me.   That voice we all aspire to hear once we become moms, and especially when we are the rookie in some new club.  The voice of....approval.
"Yes, honey they look delicious.  Isn't it a wonderful, healthy snack.  Thank you so much."

I sigh.
They like me.  They really like me.

And Monkey Boy?   Ate 5 slices of watermelon himself, while proudly announcing his mom brought the snack.   And you should have seen the size of the watermelon before she cut it guys.....it was...ginormous!

I am sooo in the cool moms' club.