So you know when you go to someone's house for a party, and they could have a 700 square foot humble abode, or a 7,000 square foot mansion with 7 bedrooms, 5 baths and a guesthouse.... yet, where does everyone always end up?

In the kitchen of course.

And it's not a bad place to spend an evening, whether it is a completely modern stainless steel, marble and granite culinary masterpiece, or like the big old functional country kitchen my grandma endlessly worked in.    Having the best of everything at your fingertips, well, who could complain about that.   But really, the most important thing is that your host makes you feel welcomed and comfortable, and of course it certainly helps if they are a fabulous cook!

Such is the legacy bestowed upon me by my late grandma, my mom and my aunts, and now it is up to my generation to continue this country tradition.   And leading the charge is my cousin Paul.   Since he lives a few hours away, I cannot easily pull up a chair, enjoy a cup of tea (okay fine, beer) while he whips up something fantastic in his kitchen.   Luckily, he also has a blog!    He has graciously (because there is no other manner in the country - even if you have moved to big glam city) offered me a guest post today. 

Since berry season is upon us, we are talking about jammin today.  No, not the Bob Marley kind of "jam"....although if a celtic ceilidh broke out, I don't think anyone would mind.    Alas no, we are talking about spread it on your toast jam.    Specifically, I have written a post about making jam in a Bread Maker.   But you will find all kinds of information about jam, and canning at his site.   And if you are one who enjoys being in the kitchen, alone, or with a bunch of people to entertain.....I highly recommend perusing his recipes.  You will definitely find something to delight your guests!   The butterscotch pie, whipped shortbread cookies, and Pineapple Coconut squares are some of our time honored family traditions.

So head on over to The Ossington Kitchen    and see what's on the menu today.  

yes, you might even find pics of me here