No, despite the fact that Left Brain is on holidays and that should mean I have more time to dazzle you with witty insights, cute pics, and what's bloomin in my garden have probably noticed a lack of all of the above.

And while I have been visiting the gym more regularly lately (no, it's not because there just happens to be a group of 21-25 year old young, buffed males there doing boot camp EVERY time I just happen to be there.....I'm a married spud afterall) that is also not the reason for my lack of entertaining, thought-provoking posts.
But on a side note --- I have a tricep muscle!   Shocking, I know.   You'd think after 5 years of being taxi service to demanding, curious toddlers, it would not have gone into hiding, but alas, I guess it did.

Nope, not writer's block either. Although yes, the lazy summer days are upon us and being Canadian I am outside more. Okay, fine - busted. I can't sit in my comfy backyard lounger and get the laptop to pick up the internet feed from our wireless router in the basement.
Because I can totally type a post AND push my toddler on the swing at the same time. 
I'm eating nacho chips right now as I type. 
It's a gift really.

No, the reason is that I am linked up at the Great Canadian Blog Bash 2001 - see that lovely red and white badge under my header - and since this is about discovering new Canadian Bloggers, I really wanted to give it my full attention.  So I've been reading.  A Lot.   Late into the night.   I am exhausted, but happily so.    There are some really great blogs across this country and  who knows, at the end, I will probably be able to say that "Yes, I do know Bob and Jane in Red Deer."

So special thanks to anyone who is visiting here.  You are most welcome.   You will probably see more buttons scrolling by on that fancy-schmancy marquee to the right, and more blogs listed under the Blogtastic heading on the Left Sidebar.  So take some time, after here of course, and visit some of the wonderful new blogs I have discovered.

Happy Reading.....from whatever chair you may be resting upon.