It's technically early Tuesday morning.

And I am doing my manic Monday post.
Need I say more?

I travelled from my parents home today, after we hit the play park, the splash pad, the MacDonalds, back to their house to pack, drive 2 plus hours, unpack, feed the kids, do homework that was left behind, bathe the kids, put kids to bed. go to grocery store because no food in house. water garden which is half dead because we left the beautiful weather at home.  hhhmm, what else?

oh yes, all the laundry a weekend away generates.  Because packing 2 bathing suits for each child is not enough, and CLEARLY at some point they will have to jump in pool fully clothed.  Twice.

ahh, forget the laundry.

Afterall, I need something to blog about on, I mean today.

Good night all.