This Monday is a PA Day, so my son will be home. Which means this morning won't be that crazy

"hurry up and eat, no finish your homework, no wait, go get dressed first. why are you just standing there looking at me? I said GO.."

kind of mornings. No need to rush for the bus. Then again, it means I have 3 kids home all day long, instead of just 2. If I can keep Monkey Boy and Angel Girl in their separate corners, the day should go okay.

But then, that leaves little Zoo Zoo. My shadow. The one always a distant step behind me; toddling down the hallway in pursuit, only to get halfway and discover me on my way back. About face...she's already in the kitchen! Move, Move, Move! Drat. Where'd she go now? Ah, the fish tank - off to the living room.

What must days like this be like for her? Always trying to keep up, but always lagging behind. There's so much to discover. So much to do. I move so fast when there is a schedule to keep. I can just imagine her thoughts: "When is she ever going to sit down already? This is too much work! After all, I DO have my own things to do."

Such as:

submitting to mama's hair fussings

I prefer my style...DIY!
bike riding at 9:30 am

hoola dance at 10 am
10:15 am....let's walk!


Wait, Stop!  Need to pee.....

.....this tree looks good.

Just like Big Brother does.

 Whew...home again.   That was a good walk.

Well, if she isn't going to sit in this perfectly comfy chair....might as well rest a spell.

Hmmmmm, what's next on the agenda?

11 am- get your motor running....

Oh, yes.....let's rock and roll Baby!

Look at me..way too clean.  This simply won't do!

How should I know how all that sand gets in my diaper?

Bet I get an extra bath before nap!

  Wow. That nap was great.  I feel so refreshed!  Wasn't she drinking a coffee when I went to sleep?  And she says it takes me forever to finish my meal!   Hm, she's in the garden again.  How can I get her attention?  Hmm....Oh, Perfect!!  This looks nice.  Ah,  pretty sounds, so fragile. she comes!

it wasn't me

Then finally, fed, cleaned, pj'd (um, why nudie then?), got blanket, got bear...all ready for bed.  not quite.  
just squeeze in a few stretches before nightie-nite
I'd show you a lovely, peacefully sleeping toddler.  But no way I am going into her bedroom and risk waking this little busy-body up!