It's almost 2 pm my time, and I am just getting to my Monday post.

It hasn't been all that crazy. We weren't rushed for time this morning. No missing homework. The baby didn't decide to fill her diaper just as we were heading out the door. I don't think there was even a sibling squabble over some treasured item (most likely found in a Happy Meal or KinderEgg.) It is raining, but it waited until after the bus left, and I had dropped Angel Girl at her program. Most considerate of Mother Nature for a Monday morning. I even had time to climb down a ditch, dig up some wild Phlox that was a brilliant lilac purple shade, and transplant it to my garden. And some daisies. Gave Zoo Zoo a few pushes in her swing....and that was when the little rain pellets began their pitter patter on the playhouse roof. Zoo Zoo giggled, and lifted her face to the sky. So, um, yeah....all in all, a pretty good start to the day.

Except through all of this, mama is a stuffed up, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, hacking, can't smell the beautiful flowers I dug up, or even take a deep breathe, raspy throat, mess. Aye, it is upon me. The dreaded summer cold. Why is it so much worse than a winter cold? Why does it have to hit now...just when I had a nice workout schedule going? I'd probably faint on the treadmill today; my lungs feel so congested.

And why do I always have to sound like a whiskey drinking, 2 packs a day, aging lounge singer when I have a cold? Yeah, I'm all sexy like that when I am sick. Don't mind the Vick's vapours darling. How 'bout a little "Copacabana"?

So while the day is not going half bad at all, for a Monday, I still would like to just crawl back under the covers, listening to the rain fall on the roof, and drift off to a place where the laundry is folded, the floors are clean, the children are quiet.....and the Kleenex and tea are plentiful.

However, since Mama's don't get any sick days. These Dayquil/NyQuil caplets I am eating like they come in a Pez dispenser will have to suffice.

**And just as I clicked the "Publish Post" computer went haywire, froze, then booted me off the Internet.  See....even FireFox thinks I should be resting in bed.**

How are you feeling this Monday?