Ahh, you're smiling, aren't you.
That's good....."face it with a grin"....
You're expecting some sweet, sappy tale about my childen singing this song.  Gazing lovingly at me, and each other; holding hands, or maybe even slow dancing in the kitchen.  Basking in the joy of song: and one another.
Ahh, that sure is a sweet image.   Hearts all opened wide?

Then Let the Sunshine in!

Not what you were expecting?

Much thanks to Sarah over at Bring Mommy the Vodka for bestowing this lovely, golden award upon me.   If you've never visited her site, you must head on over and check it out.  Wait...finish reading mine first though.  Highly recommend completing the Cocktail Companion questionnaire.


And if you prefer ice tea or diet coke in your glass, no worries - we still love ya.    But as Sarah says, some days coffee just ain't enough.   Me?  Well I say throw a little Bailey's in your java mug - get the best of both worlds!  

I do really appreciate this award because I hope that whenever you visit my blog, you leave with the warm fuzzies.   I'd hope you'd be able to say you basked in the awesomeness that bursts forth from the, er, page.  (ah, Queen of the over-reach much?)   Sincerely though, I hope that you always feel welcomed, appreciated and necessary.   I made a promise to myself that I would strive towards raising mothers up to be the very best that they can be.  Delivering the sometimes painful truth, but without judgement, criticism, or unkind words.  Maybe that is a bit too sunny for some, but far past the importance of the number over there on the right column under Followers..... it is my goal to impart HOPE.   It truly takes a village people.

Naturally there are some rules with this award:

1.  Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them.  Done.
2.  Tell readers something about yourself.   (Um, does the above sunny mission statement count?)

Okay...but sshhhhh!  don't spread it around okay?  I'm trying to build a nice little reputation here in bloggy world.  Ready... here's a little known fact:

I've danced on a speaker.  sad yes, but true -- one night, I was that girl.  what can I say... I get happy feet.  I like to move it.

3.  Pass the award on to 10 other blogs, and tell them you have awarded them.

Gosh, I am usually such a straight-up do what you're told kind of girl.   I should use my time to let loose a little bit.  Buck the rules for a change.    I like the number 6.    Not too much, not too little....half a dozen of one, half a dozen of the other.   So here are 6 blogs, in no particular order but all are deserving of the above award.

Poop In A Candle   (oh yes...for the blog title story alone. worth it!)

View from the Shoe  (you cannot leave this blog in a bad mood....just no way!)

A Thankful Heart  (I know I also bestowed Miranda with the Versatile Blogger Award, and while it may seem I am stalking her....well, just visit her blog.  you'll see why in no time.)

The Ossington Kitchen   (say hello to my cousin...and try the butterscotch pie recipe.  your welcome)

Now, since it has been pouring steadily for 2 days here, better get my dancing shoes on!  Off to spread more sunshine!