Hey Canada....it's your birthday!!  Well almost.
But since we Canadians love to herald in the start to summer, like as soon as the snow melts, eh ---- we're having a BASH!

Our fabulous hosts for this party are
Whispered Inspirations
Mom vs. the Boys
Good Girl Gone Green
Kat's Confessions

There are many Canadian Companies that have supplied prizes, and the indivduals blogs will be having some great giveaways.  So link up, hop and most of all -- have fun!

They recommend that you prepare a "Canadian Post" to link up (as we all should know, not cool to link to your main blog page!), but that got me thinking.
How do I best represent this great country, my home and native land....CANADA

Are we this?

Or this:

or, YES, YES....this

 which of course, goes right well with this:

skating on Ottawa canal

But you know, we also have this:

Calgary Stampede
and this:
surfing the torch in - BC

And yeah, we have pretty money   

But who cares really.....it still gets you one of these in the morning:

Or this....um yeah, after 12 pm...somewhere:

In moderation though, of course, you Do Not want to meet one of these:

although, this doesn't seem like a bad place to visit:

NOT Cinderella's Castle....not even close!
There is so much to see and do here in the Great White North, how could one blog post possibly show what it is to be Canadian?    How do you sum up a land so vast, yet homey in a few words?  Why yes, I do know Tom and Vickie in Saskatoon....imagine that? 

Maybe I need this:

Or perhaps, this gentleman can tell me:
 or him?

Or, perhaps this one.....who showed us all the heart of a country, with the greatest sacrifice:

Terry Fox, courtesy Wikipedia
And let's not forget, those who continue the fight, through extending the arm of peace:

This post could go on forever.  In fact.....congratulations and Thank You Kindly Eh, if you are still with me.   I have not even touched on the many peoples across this land - from sea to mountain and back to sea again.    I could show you totem poles, native art, and a Carnaval de Quebec and I still wouldn't cover all there is to see and do across this great nation of mine.

Wow - proud much?
You betcha! 
I am strong, I am free.  It's what my country has made of me.
I will always stand on guard for thee.