It hit close to 30 degrees Celsius here recently.
Angel Girl kept begging to go to the beach.
Um, honey... Swamp and Sewage Ottawa River isn't quite warm enough to swim in yet.

"It's okay mommy, I don't mind. I'll just wrap my towel around me when I get out."

That's a great idea honey. but what about when you are in the freezing cold water?

"it's okay mama.  don't worry about it.  it's fine.  I'll just move around like this..."

At which point, she starts running around the living room.....excuse me, swimming around the living room.....because you know, a demonstration is a useful thing.

So brilliant mommy that I am, I decide to clean up their little plastic pool.   Then I don't have to go to said frigid water beach.   I rock.

Not sure Left Brain was as pleased about lugging 5 buckets of warm water from the basement.

But look at those faces.  It was totally worth it!


just a wedgie mama, don't worry about it
walking a mile (not quite) in moms' shoes

I wonder if they'll know I just peed?
Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather in your neck of the woods.