But they are looking pretty grand! Smells great too.

I am showing you these lovely blooms today to distract you from the chainsaw roaring in the backyard as we say goodbye to the rest of the Linden (?) tree.  One giant Manitoba Pest Maple is enough shade tree, thank you very much.

Now just so you don't think I go chopping down trees willy-nilly.... nay, nay....clearly the attention I pay my gardens illustrates me to be a lover of nature, this is just too much tree in one suburban backyard.  The roots are coming up in my gardens; which also makes me wonder what they are doing to the house only feet away.   Our backyard is also a bumpy, uneven mess with scaley patches of grass, and I am sure the reason is these giant trees are robbing all the nutrients from every other growing thing. 

Let the record show that I have planted 2 little evergreen variety saplings in cedar boxes, and as soon as they are big enough, I will hug them.    But I will plant them elsewhere.