What is it with boys and trees?
What is it about trees, that they just beg to be climbed?

It's a scary first for a mom.  Seeing your firstborn way up, up in those branches.
So easy to forget that once upon a time, you also scrambled nimbly up some wooden tower of your youth.  It's limbs your yellow brick road to some sky-high adventure.

Oh yes I did!

Okay, so mine was the grain silo back on my grandparents farm.  Not sure what I was thinking there. 

Instinct of a mother is a powerful thing.   That urge to protect and keep safe is overwhelming.   But motherhood is also about letting go sometimes.   Letting them discover the world that beckons beyond the safe circle of mothers' arms.

How else would they learn?   What might they miss......if we mired their tiny feet into the heavy earth, rather then let them roam at their leisure.   What new treasure awaits amongst the shaded limbs?  What might they spy up there, when mama relaxes her guard and gives a hand to boost.

Climb a tree - it gets you closer to heaven.  ~Author Unknown

Well, I don't know if it was exactly a "heavenly" sight, but it was certainly a thrill for my kids.

Can you see it?

How about now?
Now there's a good mama bird.  Even with my rowdy kids playing near her "house", she sat serenely and calmly watched them climb.   She stayed her post.  She did eventually fly away......mama's gotta eat after all.   What a great lesson for my kids!   Her nest will be more noisy and rowdy than my house I suspect:

she'll soon be a busy mama bird!
The kids were amazed at the egg color.   "Just like we dieded Easter Eggs Mama!  How'd she do that mama?"

So here lay the proof:   that in sometimes stepping back, and letting your children decide what they Can do every now and then......you might not only be surprised that they can In Fact do....but what they might also discover along the journey.