I thought I had destroyed all pics - LOL - but guess one did survive!

And yes, there is only one baby in there.
One 9 lb, 13 oz baby.

I know someone with triplets, and they only weighed slightly more ALL TOGETHER!  I borrowed that fleece sweater from her.   In case the pic doesn't tell the story.....the size will:  men's triple X.

So, without further adieu, this is me Rocking Bump #3.

does this baby bump make my legs look skinny?
In truth, I think this is a great idea of Shell's, so go link up and show off your best baby bump pic.

Now, in truth, I enjoyed each pregnancy, and I am sure there are actually lots of pictures.....somewhere.  But this pregnancy was Tough!  I mean, bed rest and confined to hospital for 5 lonely weeks tough.   Hence, not many pics of me up and about.  (like I could get very far carrying that around!)  I think this was about 1 week before my schedule C section.   So I was allowed to move around some.    But my back aches to this day, and my uterus was so stretched, it still has not completely returned to normal.   She's 20 months now and I still look 5 months pregnant.   I am not sure who is more embarrassed:  the people who ask me when #4 is due, or myself.

 But alas......she was worth it. 
any one of us would do it all over again, wouldn't we.