Very tired for this edition of 5 Questions, and my arms are slowly going numb.

"Scheduled a lot of posts, have ya Rory?"

Actually no.  Been too busy.   And after a few years of blogging, that would hardly do me in at this point.

"Tough workout today then?"

Nope, wrong again.  Didn't have time to get to the gym today....but believe me, I got quite a bit of exercise today.  Give up?
Here's your hint:                  
Oh, there were high winds, but that's not what felled them
If you've been reading my In the Dirt page, you know the bane of my, and my garden's existence is a big ole, half-dead tree.  Well folks.......TIMBER!!!    Yep, today I used power tools.  Because I am all She-Ra, Princess of Power like that.    Okay fine, busted.   Left Brain got the Big Chainsaw -- cuz he's all hot and manly like that.   I got the little tiny one to trim the felled branches.  Still a power tool though!   But there were such high winds today that we had to stop midway.  So the whole tree is not down yet.   But soon I hope!  
And that folks, is why my arms are all sore and tingly.   What did you think?

Now, without further adieu, on to this weeks 5 Questions.    You know the...err, drill.

1. If you had to choose, how would you prefer to choose to spend money...on landscaping or a pool? 
I would love a pool!!  If I lived several thousand more miles to the South.  Honestly, here in Canada, it seems like a lot of work, to only enjoy for a couple of months.  But as that tab up above, In the Dirt, suggests....I love to get dirty.  In my garden that is.  So I would definitely choose landscaping.  Now, you might say,  well that's kind of contradictory, since it also would be buried under snow half the year.  Nay, nay.  The right, knowledgeable landscaper would know how to create gardens of interest All Year Round.   
For instance, I present, the "Burning Bush". 
will eventually be all fire red

2. (Scott likes to get things stirred up...) Death penalty, yay or nay?

Tough one indeed.   As a Christian, certainly I abide by that little commandment, Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder.   Judgement is for the Lord to decide, and I try to have faith in His plan.   Many things in this world don't make sense.  We wonder how humans can do such horrible things to one another.  We ask God, "why?"   I try to remember, God gave us a wonderful gift:  free will.   Some will use it to His glory, others will abuse it for their own dark and selfish needs.  But either way, it's their gift to use, and not ours to take away.

Many settle this discussion by asking of someone:  Could you throw the switch that sends the volts through the chair?   I must confess.  As a mother, one of those sick, twisted pups touches my kid....yep, Christian Faith and Forgiveness will probably go right out the window.....and I'll light your ass up.

3. What's the worst thing your kid has gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?
Oh how do I count the ways.....
Objects flushed:  Bye Dora, you should have gotten a GPS already!   A pair of underwear (seriously, he tried to "wash" them during the flush).  Countless Barbie accessories.    And not to be outdone by the famous doll, Polly Pocket dropped her purse down the storm drain. 
Monkey Boy has completely covered himself in washable blue marker.  Because mom, it is my favourite color! I AM Blue! 
But the best, er worst.  Had to be when Angel Girl, upon hearing me complain about my dirty kitchen floor (in my defence it was the 8th time I had swept, and 2nd washing of that day), deciding to help her poor mama out by emptying the bottle of bubble bath all over my dirty, and now sudsy, hardwood floor.   Word to the wise:   Do Not Add water if this happens to you!!   Unless an indoor slip'n'slide is the way you had planned on redecorating your kitchen, and hallway.

4. How often do you REALLY go to the dentist?
I'm terrible.  In my hometown, I went the required two times per year.  But when I moved, I didn't have a dentist here.  I got a cleaning at my husbands dentist, but he wasn't taking any new patients.   Then I got pregnant.  Then I was nursing.  Then baby #2,  followed by more nursing.  Finally, I found a dentist and did my required check-ups, only to find I needed a root canal.  Great.   In the middle of all the guessed #3, and nursing.   I haven't been back yet. 

5. What is your favorite animal (doesn't have to be a pet-type animal)?
Growing up, my grandparents had a farm.  The main livestock was dairy cattle, but they also had chickens, pigs, bees and...horses.  It was love.  I was riding and showing horses by the time I was in Kindergarten.   But when we moved, it was too far away from the farm to train, and gradually, I rode less and less.  If time and money were no would be the lost past-time from my youth that I would reclaim.  There is nothing better than a trail ride on a beautiful day.
(for the curious, Grandpa had Quarter horses, which we used to get the cattle from the fields, and Western Showing, he had a couple of draft, and Canadian Blacks for harness/buggy driving, but best of all.....Arabians. Below is Grandpa's prize stallion, Wiregrass Gabriel.  I loved this animal!)

photo courtesy of The Ossington Kitchen (my cousin - go visit!)

First ride!
 And that wraps up this weeks' edition of 5 Questions.  Have a great weekend!