And mommy was up way too late.  Again.

But I had just had to share this.  This weekend Monkey Boy had his first guest sleep-over (I mean besides Grandma).....but it was a GIRL. Was not quite ready for that one! It kind of through me for a loop, and I confess, I didn't know what to say when they asked me.

The girl, let's call her Skipper, lives directly across the street and they have known each other since we moved here; he was 7 months old then. They have been friends every since. She has eaten dinner at my house already on more than one occaision, played in our backyard, done chalk drawing on our driveway. Skipper is more than welcome here, anytime. But in his room - at night - with the door closed? He has bunk-beds, but still. I thought her mom would say no, but she sent Skipper right over, toothbrush in hand and in pj's. No save there. I was committed. It went well though. No loud noises at lights out. But boy...would I have loved to have been a bug on the wall before they fall asleep! What do you talk about during a sleepover at 6 years old anyway?

So, would allow your son/daughter to have someone of the opposite sex sleep-over at this age?

Today I also had another first with Monkey Boy - the movies. In an actual movie theatre - where he would have to be quiet -- and sit still. He managed okay. Doesn't share his popcorn though, ingrate. It was a very nice time; especially when he snuggled up in the dark and gave me a spontaneous kiss: "this is so great mommy."
For those curious: we saw Hop - it was really funny.

The rest of evening has been spent completing some seed packets that I decorated to hand out to mom's at church tomorrow.   Plus, I am sharing a little something too; some finishing touches to be done.

Thus, no early to bed the eve 'fore Mother's Day for me.
Tim Hortons should deliver on Mother's Day......dontcha think?