Hmmmm, love this Chocolate Glazed Donut flavoured coffee! The great taste without the fat and calories!! win, win in my book.

Plus, I am enjoying it thanks to Costco refunding our money from the Keurig B60 that went kaput and kapooey after 18 months. We have up scaled to the B70...which I am loving; mostly because it does an 11 oz. cup. Good for mama! So thumbs up to Costco for a) taking pity on a tired mama and giving her a break, and b) for realizing the lesser model was just that - lesser, and getting it off their shelves. But "bbboooooo" to you Keurig for not addressing this very common problem with your machines, and fixing them accordingly. However, I do hear that their Customer Service is extremely supportive, so that earned you my continued allegiance.

Now, to the topic around the cafe table.
Money, moola, the big bucks, the Almighty Dollar....

OK, not quite THIS much

 Today I find myself in the enviable, but unusual position of having some money to spend. Money that is NOT included in the household budget (which currently resides at about $11 until payday Thursday), and that I have been instructed to spend on ME.   And only me.   Okay, so it is not enough to hop on down to Aruba or anything like that, but enough that I could do one, or some of the following:

- buy some new clothes (that hopefully will be too big in a month???)
 - those lovely slingbacks I have been eyeing (feet are always the same size!)
Hello lover!

- dirt, flowers and accessories for my garden     

- repaint and accessorise our bathroom, that I have grown to HATE  (who installs grey tubs, toilet, and sink?  are they depressed and taking us all with them?)   but what can you put with grey to cheer it up?  I am thinking a soft lavender, or something unlike the current yellow I am assuming someone thought would cheer it up.  Plus, it has one of those Ginormous wall to wall mirrors.   Now I am not insecure, and I am not conceited, thus, my mirror should reflect that while I do like to primp a bit to look nice, I do NOT need to see each and every pore magnified to the millionth degree.
not mine, but close enough - what goes with this gray?

- save it for a rainy day  (oh look, rain!  yeah me)

So lovely readers, I am curious.   What would you put this gift money towards, if it was yours?