Tuesday Coffee Chat was off site today. Because stay at home moms need to get out of the home every now and then. AND my Keurig coffee maker is kaput! I had to drag my old cob-web covered coffee maker out of the basement.....only to remember once all clean and ready: ah idiot, you have no coffee in the house - you have K Cups. UGGGHGHHGHG. Moms need coffee! It's not only necessary, but I view it as a fundamental right!

I checked the reviews for the unit last night.  Seems a lot of people are having the same problems with this brewers.  As much as I love it - when it is working -- Dear Keurig, please return to the drawing board and design a brewer that doesn't fail every couple of months. I descale, I blow the air bubbles out of the pump lines, I slam the water reservoir back onto the unit to release the vapour lock, I clean ever-so-gently around the 2 needles to unclog any debris: I submit, this is too much work to get a cup of coffee!! 

I have a love/hate relationship with my computer, my phone and some days, yes, my kids.....coffee is supposed to give me a few moments release from life's frustrations - not add to them.  I mean, you don't think I just drink it for the taste, do you?   Nay, nay.....that's why K Cups are so wonderful; many flavours!

Anyway, to my relief, Costco is willing to either fully refund, or exchange.  So we could get another unit the same as the one that broke, or we could upgrade to a higher model, OR use the money a try a completely different company/brewer.   (Hey, Tassimo....are you reading this?  Sponsor a Bloggy Mom...I talk about coffee A LOT!)

So long and short of it, thank goodness for good friend's who invite you (and you kids) over for morning play date:  and have the kettle on!

How do you get your cup-a-joe?  Traditional perk, single brew, or drive through?