Totally would wear these if I could!

 So, as of last week, am officially minivan driving, coffee-toting soccer mom.

No honey, you don't get free Timbits. 
Last week wasn't much fun, since I had to take all 3 kids myself.   I had to return the shoes Left Brain bought because they were clearly too small, which set me behind schedule.   Then make dinner, do homework, gather all our rain gear since the skies were threatening.  (it never did...humidity struck us down instead.)    Now that I have one week under my belt, and since Left Brain will be attending tonight, perhaps we can fine tune the following:

* put shin pades, soccer socks and that ankle protector thingey on correctly
*Gatorade for Soccer (Monkey Boy) check....ah, 2 other children standing in heat for an hour?  oops.
* Spare Gatorade for Soccer Boy since he will guzzle the entire blue one prior to game start

* do they make child Depends?  because MB had to pee 3 times during last game....which meant dragging all 3 of them to the washrooms.   at the opposite end of the field.

  * white jersey for boys?  seriously?  Am I in Tide commercial?
*teach 19  mos. old she cannot chase older brother down the soccer field.  It's not backyard tag.
* also teach toddler that soccer is played with ONE ball:  those others are for practice.   throwing many on the field does not make the game more fun.  And they don't like toddler spit on them.
* bring toy, book, anything, for Angel hour is a long time with a bored 4 year old!!

And last, but certainly not least, IF...and this is a very likely If these has been rainy for 3 straight days, is about to rain, or you can smell even the slightest hint of rain, do NOT park on the grass where there is a slight ditch.   Those 2 very nice men who pushed you out of said muddy ditch last week, they may not be there, or Want to give your van a push again.   Especially since they were not likely as amused as the 3 children by the flying mud my tires spun all over them. 

Or, at the very least, have case of beer and beef jerkey in trunk for such occasions.

Perhaps given recent weather, Left Brain should drive tonight.   

 How about you -- are your kids in sports?  Have any tips for this newbie soccer mom?