This is a scheduled post. And while I am confessing...it's not my first. Gasp.
I don't know how people feel about that, but in this case, I believe it is very likely, absolutely necessary. And I'll tell you why.

I may not be able to physically make it to the computer tomorrow morning (that would be Tuesday). And I don't think updating via phone will work either, since I highly suspect even my fingers will hurt tomorrow.

What on earth has happened girl?

I went to the gym.
I moved. I sweated. I felt the burn. I dutifully wiped down my machine, my weights, my floor mat, and the exercise ball I sat my arse on. Even though I suspect it is only water in that bottle. I think my heart rate got elevated just with all that spraying and wiping alone!

Or maybe it was the two hotties working out nearby. 
sshhh..Left Brain might be stalking: but they were Much younger!
 All started out well.  I did a nice little walk on the treadmill.  It had to be a nice little walk since I couldn't figure out how to work the darn thing.  Again, heart rate elevated due to cursing at the "Program" button that wasn't given me any program options.   Okay fine.   Nice little warm up, then some stretching, then I'll try that cool looking thing over there that looks like you're gliding on air.  It even works the arms!  Bye Bye, bye-bye arms!   

Oh, it IS like gliding.   How nice is this.   Not so bad at all.  No jarring on my bad knee.  smooth and easy.   Feeling Great!   5 Minute mark...okay, not feeling so good, but don't give up.  About 7 minutes in.....good feelings gone.   My legs sent a very clear message to my brain:  "if you keep this pain sh#t up, we're gonna really hurt you."   Meanwhile, brain is firing back, "c'mon! 4 more minutes - you can do it.  no pain, no gain!"   In response, my own left arm reached over and smacked me upside the head.   And then came the thick Scottish brogue from the engine room:  "You canna push 'er any faster Capt'n.  she's a-pushin' 40 and naught hold together with athing but spare parts and duct tape!"

Wobbly-legged, akin to a newborn filly taking it's first measured steps, I climbed down from the machine.   I'm gulping air like I just quit 3 packs a day for the last 20 years.   I've never smoked in my life.  WTH?   Water.  I need water.  I forgot my water bottle.   Ever watched Man vs. Wild?  I've often wondered just how desperate you would have to be to drink water from the innards of a camel, a muddy creek the 300 or so head of elk just traversed, or your own urine.   Okay, so I wasn't quite that bad off.....but who knows what might have been lurking on the faucet head in the ladies changeroom, that I was now lapping water from like an errant dog with it's head in the toilet bowl.  Somewhat refreshed, I stumbled back to the treadmill for a nice easy cool-down.  Which actually did help quite a bit.  Then I did some stretching, crunches, and free weights.   The brain started to recall how the body was supposed to work, and I found my groove again.

It's hard to believe that it was only 8 years ago that I went to the gym almost every night.   Hard to believe that the abs I once was so proud of....are long since gone.  And I am under no illusion that they will ever return after 3 C-Sections.   What could I say now to that 30 something self if she questioned me, side-eyed:  "what the heck did you do to my a$$?"    Are there any reasonable excuses?  3 kids.  shift worker husband.  limited cash flow.   All pretty strong valid reasons.

But I had to try.  Had to start somewhere.  Even though I knew I was bringing some pain.  How can I teach my kids to be healthy and fit, if I don't lead by example?   I am 40 now.  I have spent the last 7 years putting everything and everyone else first:  hubby, hubby's job, baby, house, 2nd baby, house 24/7, 365, 3rd baby.  Left Brain gets to work out for free at his gym at work.   Yay, yay, granted, kind of necessary to stay in shape for his job.  But isn't it for mine too?  3 kids under 7 have LOTS of energy.  5 people sharing a home creates  LOTS of messes, and laundry.   It would be difficult to keep up if you were in tip-top shape, but when you get winded climbing stairs, or your back gives out when you pick up your baby: I submit, it's time to make some changes.  So just this once....I ain't too proud to beg.  Find the money, momma's hitting the gym!

It actually wasn't too hard.   Just a casual remark that women who like their bodies tend to like showing them, and ahem *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*...sharing them.  just saying men.

Getting out of bed tomorrow is going to be difficult.  I will hurt in places I forgot had existed.   And I am totally going back for more!  I have a family reunion in July, and a birthday gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet for some new clothes.   Shopping.  Now THAT is motivation I can understand.

Now if you'll excuse me, I will be rocking myself gently in my happy place until I can move again.

ok, not me. but is a happy place, dontcha think?

What about you?  How do you fit in gym/exercise time?  How do you stay motivated?