Spreading the Good News....even where little feet travel.

I love my little Sprigs Sunday School class. True, true, we can have 17 4/5 year olds on any given Sunday, and it can get a wee bit hectic and chaotic to say the least. But it amazes me how much they understand about God - even at such a tender age. Their young hearts are so open and honest.  They are so willing to talk about God and Jesus - anywhere, anytime, to anybody.  They don't have the same fears of rejection, or ridicule that we often do as adults.  They just simply share.

Today we learnt about Paul, as he travelled all over to spread the good news about Jesus.  We learned that he often sailed, and that to earn money he was a tent-maker by trade.  I brought my Pop Up sun tent and had each child go inside the tent and share some good news.   They just loved it.  (and it can be quite surprising what is considered "good news" to a 4 year old.)

We also made some cool "prayer tents".   You take a paper cup, cut out a triangle opening for the tent flap, and then glue onto a paper plate.   The kids decorated their Prayer tents with different stickers, etc.  Then I had them cut out images of people that they can pray for during the week.  They place these images inside the prayer tent, then each day pull one out and pray for that person, event, or thing.   They really enjoyed this idea.   And I think it is important to teach them how to pray, but also, that God hear's their prayers too.  

For a snack we had tent cookies.  All you do is take 2 tea cookies, or shortbread, frost them with some good icing, and then lean them against one another to form a tent.   Garnish around with fresh fruit and veggies --- like the perfect camping picnic!

What good news did you learn today?