Get your shoes on!! Go. Go. Goooo!
what we do when Mr. Golden Sun makes a brief appearance:

best investment ever!
Mama's Oasis:

minus the netting and privacy screens

Some soothing sounds in the background

Cup of coffe and a view of my gardens.....and the action.

like my windchimes?
With all the fresh flowers blooming, and my recently transplanted lilacs, we had a visitor:

can you see what's buzzin?
So right now, as Zoo Zoo is napping (learning to build sand castles is much harder and tiring than simply eating the sand),  Monkey Boy and Angel Girl are watching a movie; but with one eye on the basement window, watching Mr. Golden Sun play peek-a-boo.

Mama, is in no hurry to go anywhere.   I have already learned that I don't have to travel much further than my own backyard to find adventure.    But I still remember the lazy days in the sun of my youth.  Running through fields of clover, catching dandelion fluff, and blowing bubbles.   Sometimes, I know, you just gotta run free.