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I am featured on The Pledge Blog Community page today!  Yeah.  Back just in time Blogger! 

I have been working through the Pledge Prompts because I think it is important to keep this oath in the forefront of our minds....and thus our everyday actions.  Have you written about the Pledge?  I'd love to see it!

2. "There is no one, "right" way to be a good Mom. Each woman makes the choices best for her family." Is this difficult or easy for you to accept? Why? Has taking The Mom Pledge changed how you view the choices of other moms?

I find this pretty simple to accept.  And the reasons are quite simple too.  Mind your P's & Q's.  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  To each his own.

What is difficult to accept, is why others feel the need to appoint themselves the corrector of any one's behaviour, actions, values, beliefs.....which don't line up with their own.   Honestly, what does it matter to you?  If someone doesn't want to breastfeed, why does that choice put a burr under your saddle?  It just doesn't make sense to me why you would even care. 

Before I was a mother, you could have said anything to me, I mean anything, and I would have just walked away from you and let it roll off my back.   But I can't let go of critical comments about my mothering ability, methods, or beliefs.   Why is that, I wonder?   Why does it cut me so much deeper than the a joke about my jelly belly, clunker car, or outdated clothes.    I think it is because failing at motherhood.....there's just so much more at stake.  So much more than just your own ego and self-worth.  It means you fail THEM.  Those precious cargo travelling life's highway with you.  They're not just along for the ride you know. 

So when you criticize, attack, or otherwise wound me:  it transfers to them.  You're not just commenting on my choice to bottle feed (I didn't),  in my mind, you're implying that I am WRECKING my child.   That this choice, right here and now, will have irrevocable consequences on their innocent life.  Maybe not immediately; but somewhere down the line, when troubles occur, they will cry, turn and point their finger straight at me:  "My momma didn't breastfeed me.  She never loved me."

Okay, granted yeah, a little dramatic.   But we all want that moment when our child makes some grand accomplishment, and then.....there it is, the moment we all wait for: "Thanks mom."   When you question my methods, you make me question if that will ever happen.  I could never rob another mother of that moment in the spotlight.

Being a mother is hard enough.  There's so many choices, so many options, and so many factors to weigh in each decision.  No two lives are exactly the same.  Like fragile snowflakes we are all just set adrift in the flurry of life.   And you know, one or 2 snowflakes on their own, don't add up to much.  But a lot of snowflakes, all working together.......well they can change your whole world.   They can create a picturesque, sparkling wonderland;  or, they put you in a deep ditch and shut a whole city down with their dangerous beauty.  

Which scene will you create for those who encounter you on the road of life?   Because life isn't just about the is also about how you get there, and the choices you make along the way.  It's about the whole journey.  Don't make choices that put other's in the ditch, make choices that assist them on their way.