With all the hoopla over Royal Weddings, weird weather, Elections, and dead terrorists, it would be easy to forget that I do have 3 children running amuck-amuck-amuck. So, without further adieu, here's what they've been up to:

Monkey boy: 6 1/2 yrs. and firstborn

Well MB is at that weird brink where one day he is a super-duper, helpful, loving little boy becoming big boy. Then, within moments, this scary, temper tantrum, defiant little imp can suddenly emerge. Stomping feet down the hallway, slamming his bedroom door "I just want to be alone for a bit." Yeah, have at 'er...we want you to be away too. Drift.
I've learned it's best in these moments to let him have his space first, and discuss the proper way to vent your frustrations after a cooling off period.  Alone time in room - good; stomping, yelling, and slamming doors on the way: nay, nay.   See you at breakfast.

He seems a bundle of contradictions. He still wants to hug and kiss me good-bye at the bus stop AND his little sisters.   He still wants me to sing, pray and tuck him in at night; ensuring "Bear" his faithful companion is right there beside him.  He often can be found trying to squeeze in the middle of our bed at night - or, sneaking in there alone when he knows Daddy is on night-shift and momma can't carry him back to his own bed. But when he doesn't get his way, or when his sisters are getting on his nerves - look out, he's gonna blow! I am hoping that this is just the last desperate attempts to remain "mama's baby", and get a little extra attention, because after all, "the girls get the Mommy all day...and I have to go to stupid school!".  Again, must deal with proper expression of emotions, but you know, I kinda get it.  It's harder for him because he IS the only one who once upon a time had "the mommy" all to himself.   Plus, I can't help but be proud, and feel I must be doing something right after all, when he gets this Award at school:

 Yes, I am beaming, just a little.

Angel Girl: just turned 4 and full of spit and vinegar

First thing you gotta know - she's a hugger.   To everyone.  Family, friends, our Pastor, strange men at the grocery store....anyone can be attacked out of nowhere by this affection bandit.   We call the seat next to her at the dining table "the touchy-feelie" chair because she will NOT stop touching whoever is unfortunate enough to be seated there.  Which is usually me.   But hey, what's a little more stickiness on my already covered arm, or ketchup on my clothes.  Numerous conversations regarding personal space have proved useless.  She's full of love.....and she's gonna shower you with All of it; whether you want it or not. 

Angel Girl, ha!  Don't let the name fool you.   She is sweetness and light AND drama and diva all rolled into one.   And I don't know what happened, she appeared perfectly formed at birth - but alas, too late we realized her volume control button is faulty.   Or perhaps missing altogether.
None of my children had the terrible 2's, in this house, it starts around 3 1/2 and hits full throttle around 4 years.  So you can imaging what life is like with her right now.    If she is in trouble, or not getting her way, she'll throw a fit like you've never seen, breaking glass windows 4 houses down......and 3 minutes later - you're gonna get some cuddle time that will drive you more crazy than  whatever she did that made you mad. 

She's enjoying her Little People's program, the local Resource centre, and it amazes me how she is learning every day.   She is super excited when big brother finally gets off the bus.....and yep, he gets a big hug.   He's not often as impressed to see her.....he needs a few minutes of down time.  Her love borders on overwhelming and smothering.   But her lovely silliness saves her many a day:

Monkey Boy & Bear sneaking up behind Jessie the Cowgirl

Zoo Zoo:  18 months and into Everything!

Ah, the lovely run around, touching anything not nailed down....but still try anyway, grab it and run, toss it down when busted, run again, trip and fall down , cry, get hugs from mom.....go back and do same thing again, stage.   Did I cover everything?  Oh wait, also follow that nice lady who feeds me, changes me, sings me to sleep all over the house; exactly 4 inches behind so that when she turns around, I am sent flying.  more tears, more hugs.   Hey...I'm onto something here!

What's this thing do, what's that thing for, why's momma doing that.....I want too, I WANT TOO!   

Why'd she put that toy back in the toy box?  I placed it perfectly right there in the middle of the kitchen floor so I could find it later.  Better put it back.   Whoops!  Oh, oh.... momma tripped and hurt my toy!  What's @#@#$??  cool word...must try at next grocery store trip.

Mama? mama? mama? mama? mama? mama?
Yes, honey?
mama, mama, mama, mama, mama
Yes, Zoo Zoo!
mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama
WHAT Zoo Zoo!!!!
Gives me a look, says nothing, but I know what she's thinking:  Ah, look at her face.....she cracks me up.
*exit stage left*

She asked to sit on the toilet the other day.  When I was currently using it (ah, something no one informed you of when you basking in that preggie glow!), but she asked and I didn't want to say no.  I put her on the toilet......and she went pee and POO.   WTH???  It took to 3 years of age to train the older two, and here she is at 18 months already asking.   And it wasn't a one time fluke....she's done it again since.   She pees before bath time (granted, the running water might be helping.)   So I am pretty hopeful that this one will be toilet trained by age 2! 

She is absolutely exhausting me.   Everything I clean or tidy up, she destroys.  She tries to do far more than her age and ability will allow her - mostly because the other clowns are using my furniture as a trampoline - hey, I bet it does look fun.   Yet, she doesn't know the dangers, and I can't be everywhere, all the time.  She was actually sporting 2 slightly black eyes awhile ago from a tumble down our stairs.   I am told I should enjoy her, as she is the last baby in this house....but you know, I don't think wanting her to get past the stage where she needs constant supervision makes me a bad mommy.  She's supposed to learn and grow!   And I am tired, so tired......I cannot tell a lie:  some days I just want her to get there faster.

Riding in Cars with Bears

So there you have it.   The latest on the home front.   These 3 little birds of mine delight me with their chirping, flying about, and never-ending love.   Yes, it gets noisy and crowded in this little nest - but I haven't pushed any out yet!   I can't imagine life without them.

But a few hours, maybe a whole day/night, without them under my ever-protecting, ever-serving, and ever-loving wings:  I cannot lie about that either.  Mama Bird is tired and it sure would be nice if I could just fly away myself for a spell.   I know lately I have been busy, I know lately I have been irritated and grumpy; all signs that I am quickly approaching burn-out.   The goal is not to be an absent mother, but a better mother.

The irony is that sometimes you have to be absent, in order achieve that.