....that's how we refer to it here in Canada. yeah, yeah granted...it's May 23rd today.   Still, do you really care since there are 24 beers in a case?   Yeah, thought not. If you think that is strange, the official reason for the holiday is related to the official holiday title, Victoria Day. Yes, as in Queen Victoria. This holiday weekend is to celebrate her, and the current reigning Monarch's birthday. Say which?

Yes, we are an independent country...but we still have some ties to England. It's complicated. Did I mention how many beers were in a case?

May 2-4, 24 beers in a case -- Get it? 

Which brings me to the unofficial reason for the holiday: summer is on the way! Yes, you may now crack open your preferred cold one. Or an ice tea if that is more suitable.   It doesn't matter what you cheers with.....as long as we are cheering!  Winter is finally over!  Hopefully the spring rain is done (um, not here), and the sun shines longer and hotter.   If you endured our winters....you'd celebrate any one's birthday!   Since it is not quite warm enough here to hit the beach yet; or if you are not lucky enough to have befriended that neighbour down the street with the heated pool, it is all about the backyard BBQ.  Which again, kind of strange since we actually BBQ all winter long.

Remember this:

Well, it is much warmer and prettier out there now.  Thanks largely to the other tradition that occurs this weekend.  No more snow, frost or bitter cold rain means.....you can finally dig in the dirt!  Garden season is upon us.  Although I questioned the wisdom of this as I daydreamed about Raul the pool boy/gardener waited patiently in the line-up at Canadian Tire.  Praying my flowers wouldn't wilt before I ever left the place.   So Sunday afternoon was spent in my gardens.  I had to really work the soil before I could actually plant the flowers, so I didn't have time to get to my containers, or hanging baskets.  Next weekend hopefully.   But the gazebo and dining set are all set up, and my 2 potted geraniums, plus my water fountain should make for some lovely outdoor dining.  I can't wait! 

(will post a pic when the sun comes up...since it was too dark to take once I finally finished in the gardens, ate, showered and put children to bed.  Reality it seems, never takes a holiday.)

All about chillin & grillin

So what are you up to this Holiday Weekend?