Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday.
That is, if you have been lucky enough to have time to read at your computer this morning. I am lucky to have time to Write at my computer this morning! Thanks to Left Brain who turned the alarm clock off this morning so that we slept in.        

Well, he and I slept in. Apparently the kids had no problem letting us snooze since they can turn the TV on themselves.  They even know how to select a show from the PVR.   WTH?  Kids should not be smarter than their parents. Not at age 6 and 4.  or 16 for that matter.  Maybe 26, since it hopefully also means they will be living elsewhere and can then sleep through their OWN alarm. 

Anyway, PVR.....Oh sure...THAT they can do.   However, they still cannot tell time, and apparently have no concept of time.....so that when it is past 8 am, they don't know to come wake us up! Thankfully Zoo Zoo's yelling from her crib finally got us moving.

I hate mornings like this. whatever the day they fall on. Feeling rushed and behind from the moment your feet hit the floor. Once my body gets going in that mode...it's hard to shut down. It continues all day. These are grumpy mommy days. And I want to be happy mommy. My kids want me to be happy mommy. I am sure Left Brain wants me to be Happy Mommy.

So I grabbed a coffee and came down to the computer to write my post, AND sent HIM outside to do bus duty, and take Angel Girl to her program. I have done nothing else. I didn't even make Monkey Boy's lunch. I'm a naughty mommy!

Do you think he'll shut the alarm off again?

On a side note:   today is still less busy than our 2 day weekend holding our garage sale.  The weather was rainy, so we didn't get a lot of people.  But we did make some money, and for that I am grateful.  But most of all we woke up to this:

Sun! (in case you hadn't seen it lately, like us)
Now this could shape up to be a pretty good Monday afterall!
How's your week began?