I am writing this post late Sunday night. Then why, pray tell, is it labelled "Manic Monday"?
Because it is going to take me until the wee small hours of Monday morning to figure out how to create a stupid lovely header!  I'll explain.

No, wait, too tired....let me sum up.

I had been debating changing the header design anyway because I discovered that my sweet coffee drinking laptop banging (can I say that?) mommy clip art already existed, in close resemblance, on another blog.  It took me another very late night to find that image and load it properly.  *sigh*  But I really like the blog which is already using it, and let's be honest,  it just wouldn't be fair to that blogger ....so it had to go.   Seemingly the darling thing also sensed this because it just disappeared of its own free will Sunday afternoon.  Just. Gone.   Curse you photo sharing site not to be named herein!

Well, no time like the present to get cracking.  I wanted to be able to add more pictures anyway: various images of mom's taking a "time out".   Heaven forbid you'd have the impression I am just a coffee drinking zombie bloggy mommy.  (ahem) In addition, I wanted to have control over where the blog title is located....which I couldn't figure out how to do.  Blogger just seems to automatically put it where it wants.  At this point, I am so frustrated, I am tempted to start suggesting things to put places....
..... but I digress.

Long and short, I found a wonderful tutorial here that showed me how to make a collage in Picasa and upload it to my header widget.  Worked like a charm!  (okay, so there were some rather tense moments when I couldn't find all the images I had painstakingly searched and saved, in my folders.)   But in the spirit of positivity.....all is well that end's well, and I Love it!   Oh heck, I am so tired now I doubt I'd care if my header sported an image of me face down, hair-tangled on the keyboard and drooling.

Anyway, this whole process of designing a blog I can be happy with, has been both tedious and rewarding.  Hhhmm, kinda sounds like motherhood.   Except, while I love my children to pieces.....I often just want to dash my backsliding enabler computer to pieces.  I guess it's a love/hate thing right now.  

I love to write in my blog, and my computer hates me.
Really quite ungrateful of it, dontcha think?