Well, gotta start off right away with a confession.
Not much of a Manic Monday here today. Which can only mean one thing: Left Brain is off work!! Yeah....2nd cup of coffee, thank you very much! LB has been on holidays since last Wednesday, so things have actually been pretty easy on mama. He, on the other hand, has been pretty busy....

.....what with a surprise 40th birthday party to pull off for me!!
I am still basking in the wine glow of family, friends and good times.

He did GREAT!    Of course, with any milestone bday,  you always suspect something; the thought is there in the back of your mind, just dangling around.  But you are never sure what exactly might be in store for you.   And I know he had quite a bit of help from my mom, and some family and friends, so a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped him get it right!

So, quite a bit of my family and friends were crammed into our little house (thanks to the non-stop rain); and God Bless them that no one seemed to mind at all.   I lost count of how many kids were running through the house, and we were tripping on little bodies and all the toys.   But again, I didn't care at all.  My brother made it from Toronto, my sister - who had given me a day at the spa on Friday to get all prettied up - also came by,  most of my aunts arrived and promptly marched into my kitchen (a Very good thing!!) and we ate, and ate, and ate some more.   2 birthday cakes!!  Yep, how spoiled am I.  Plus they cleaned up before leaving too.  Most amazing people I know are my mom and her sisters.    And an added lovely surprise: 2 friends that I had not seen since way before Zoo Zoo was born came!  It was so great to see them and have some time to catch up.   And this time I have to make sure that so much time doesn't pass before getting together again! 

The party was from 2 pm - 4 pm......but it must have been good because most people ended up staying for supper, and I even had a few stragglers for breakfast the next morning.  Which means to me.....we throw awesome parties!  LOL   But it was an amazing chance to see all the people I love and care about the most.   And I chance for me to see, how many people hold ME in their hearts as someone special.   Now that is a pretty special and powerful thing.....and No dark and rainy Monday morning could ever dampen it.

A few pics.....more later as I receive from various sources.

flowers from dad :)
 There are some picture boards that LB and my mom did:
early years

before love, marriage & kids

family life

Pretty toes!
And the bonus part?
Yes, there's more.
Thanks to everyone's amazing generiousity, I have some $$$ and gift cards to spend --- which means:  shopping day out for mommy!  I have already booked a friend to help me make the most of my birthday gifts!  Really, does it get any better than that?

I feel kind of bad now asking -- how's your Monday going?
(I have LOTS of wine left......just saying)