....Zoo Zoo sleeps, and Angel Girl is half watching Veggie Tales and playing with dolls. MamaBird steals a few moments to post the following:

 The Bounty:

home-made cards & 1 pansy-in-a-pot
seed packets I made for church
oragami butterfly

not too shabby at all!

    How'd Left Brain do?

My Mother's Day morning didn't start off quite how I had envisioned it.   The gift of sleeping in - which should have been the Greatest Gift of All - caused us to be running late for Church.  Since I was to speak in the service that morning, and had 100 seed packets also to bring (handout for mommies), I was feeling soooo rushed.  Not a great start to any day.  Any one who knows me (another precious, rare gift) knows I hate being rushed, and today - Of All Days, I would have liked a more leisurely start to my day.  But since I am oft accused of negativity and complaining - I guess that's enough about that.  My only tip for all you men out there:  your wife would really love to see how well you know her.  Don't guess - put some deep thought, extra effort, and a little pre-planning can go a long way too. 

Suffice to say, the day got better later and we had an absolutely lovely visit at my aunt's cottage with my mom and dad.  The kids got marshmallow blasters to entertain themselves the majority of the day, so I think I may have actually had a whole conversation.   You just can't be in a bad mood around my lovely and loving aunts, so nice reminder of how blessed I truly am.  

So every day, no matter the start, is golden...especially if this is your view at the end:

'scuse the bugs, this is the country!

So, tell me, did you get the Mother's Day you always wished for?