This is me, wishing all of you a very happy, and safe Memorial Holiday weekend USA!

And on a serious note, because this is not about blog statistics, but about remembering those that have given the greatest sacrifice: themselves. So that you could live a life of freedom.

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

So today, even though I am Canadian, I am thankful to any soldier who has answered the call of duty.
I salute them, and the patiently waiting families they must leave behind.    And best of all, when one returns home safely; I will offer a prayer of thanks, and rejoice along with them.

And what is the best thing I can think to do on this Memorial Holiday, besides thanking a soldier?

Welcome one home.   So I did.  
  Welcome Home Mr. Mean Girl!

(click the above link to see my Guest Post over at The Mean Girl Diaries.  I didn't do this for blog exposure, or increased followers....I did it in support of  the American troops, and especially for a fellow mom.....whose joy I can't help but share, that her loved one is safely home.  If you have moment to pause, leave them a nice welcome home, and a big Thanks!)