So if you were visiting yesterday, you would have seen that I was featured over at Bring Mommy the Vodka
in in honor of this, I am enjoying a robust red whilst (ooh, nice usage) completing my questions.  Now I don't often imbibe over-much (I'm on fire here) these days, but with the ever gray and dreary forecast that has descended upon us.....I felt a need to chase away the chills.  So fresh from good long, hot soak,  and with glass in hand..... here we go for another great 5 Question Friday.   Hosted as always by Fabulous Mama M

1. Do you apologize to your kids?
  Oh crap.  I'm blaming it on the red wine filtering warmly through my veins that I will confess - not only yes, but it's probably more frequent than it should be.  I swear if someone ever asks my kids if they want to watch Old Yeller....they'll think it's about me.  I'm Irish and Scottish's in the blood.  We blow...then ya know.  (that didn't sound quite right.....what the heck's in this glass?)

Now it may seem contradictory to appear so failing, flawed and human in front of your minions, but I do think it is a great lesson to teach your child(ren).    How else will you get your son to apologize to his sister when he reads her diary years from now, if the words never passed your lips?

2. What color are your nails right now?
My fingernails have the faintest hint of pink on them.  I don't like bright colors on my fingernails because I don't have those nice long, tapered fingers.   As for my toes, take a look.   And if you are wondering about that shade of sparkley purple....yes it is No More Waity Katie by Butter London.  The salon I went to on my birthday just happened to have a bottle.  

is it the wine....or is my big toe Ginormous??

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say "I don't feel good".)
I was rarely sick, so I usually just had to say so and presto.....back to bed.   I loved school (geek? butterfly.  stay home and Miss Something?  R U Kidding?), so it rarely occurred to me to skip for no good reason.   Course that doesn't mean a sudden case of  Ski Fever, or the even rarer Picton Sand Rash didn't occur from time to time. 

4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?
I think a couple of years ago.   The Master Bedroom is pretty much the only room not re-decorated.  That's just not right.  We have a duvet for winter, that goes on a little adventure each spring to the Dry Cleaners: then we finally remember to go pick it up when the temperature dips below zero.   I bought one of those "Bed in a Bag" ensemble things for the summer months.  Although, now thinking that I should grab the 2nd duvet from the spare bedroom since Left Brain seems to like the house to hover around the zero mark most the summer.   Seriously, it is a chilled rain that's been 'afallin all week....and he already has the AC on:  to cut the humidity of course.

 5. Favorite website(s)?
Well, our fabulous host of course!   Really, you could just check out that "Blogtastic" Column to the left, or watch my lovely scrolling "Button Love" banner.   I seriously do try to keep up with them all.  The hardest part is since I am so busy reading....that means I am often not so busy commenting.  And we all need a little love, don't we.

This time of year I visit Better Homes and Gardens frequently.  They have great garden plans that really helped plan my shade garden, and choose flowers that do well in clay soil.

And okay fine, since the second glass Left Brain just delivered (methinks he's up to something..) has loosened me up enough, I also confess to sometimes checking out the Kids' Bookmarked know to make sure they are safe sites.  But I am very proud to say that I rock at Bakugan Battle rings, and can dress Barbie for her date with Ken like no body's business!!  And okay fine....I "slightly" stalk the Kratts brother's page.   I just love animals!

what is it about a man in hip-waders?
And there you go.  A little more about me.   Hope you enjoyed this rather wine-fueled edition of 5 Questions.