It's the weekend!  And now we do the dance of joy!
c'mon, let's get to know one another a little better.   Link up:

1. Have you ever had roommates?
Ah, yeah.  Approximately 1,200 of them.
Proud survivor of  The ZOO   (seriously, read up about it), aka Saugeen-Maitland Residence, at University of Western Ontario:  the largest school dormitory in Canada.  Here's the summary:
- was on a co-ed floor; a rather illuminating experience for a Pentecostal raised girl.   
- barely slept the entire year - perhaps why I am a night-owl to this very day.  
- always, always a party happening somewhere.  Or so I am told, wink, wink.  
- still bored after the party?  construct a slip'n'slide, prank your neighbours with a "leaner", or go to the bonfire in the woods and let Rick McGhie sing you to sleep.
- 17 false fire alarms by Christmas break.  Plus, one very real event.  I was there during the time of the big fire, and Wiki is completely accurate: we were locked out for the entire weekend.  I had left the building in pj's and slippers.  No purse, wallet, toiletries....nothing.   After a few hours spent in the UC Building, we finally found a house off-campus we could crash at.  Thanks again ΔΥ boys!
-  Another claim to fame that may, or may not be Urban Legend:  David Letterman apparently named it as one of the best places to get laid in North America, in one of his Top Ten Lists. 

During my day, UWO was desperately trying to disassociate the nickname "The Zoo" from Saugeen, and now that I am older and wiser, I can see how it completely gave the University (aka as "The Country Club" because of the many, wealthy and attractive students) this crazy, party image.   But for me, I will forever be a member of the ΖΘΘ Crew.  And I still miss Rick McGhie.

In my second year, I came to my senses and rented an apartment with another girl I had met in the dorm.   Then later, 5 of us survivors rented a house.....down the street from our heroes at the Frat house. 
*Okay, that's not entirely true.  We had this insane food fight (Italian night - yuck) in the dorm cafeteria at the end of that crazy, exhausting first year.  I was technically asked not to return.   No, I didn't throw so much as a dinner roll.  When it started, I saw a fork fly past my head and quickly ducked under my table.  Everyone present was pretty much banned -- unless you returned to help clean up.  Clean up?  I had to shower myself first - and there are only 3 showers to a floor. I swear, sometimes....I can still smell panzerotti in my hair.*

P.S.  No, I am not the Saugeen Stripper.

2. How many names do you/your children have? (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt)
The basic 3:  first, middle and last
Unless you include their online nicknames.

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?
Aye, I did!  Absolutely smashing, fabulous.  Some of the fascinators a bit dodgy, but otherwise, bang up job.   You can see my posts Here.

4. What is the messiest room in your house?
Well, since tomorrow is my cleaning day as Left Brain is off work, all of them right now.  Except my upstairs living room since I re-arranged all the furniture in there last night.  I even swept under the couch.  I can proudly claim 1 bouncey ball, 4 dried Corn pops, numerous Silly Bands, and $0.35 as my loot!

5. What is your ideal mothers day?
To wake up to silence and enjoy my first cup of coffee thus.   I would rather the kids made me lunch....let me ease into the day, since they come barrelling into my bedroom every morning already.
To have a truly leisurely day where I do not have to look at the clock to know what I should be doing now.   To have some time with my kids, but also some time away from them.  To spend some time with my mom where we can talk like mother/daughter again - not mom/grandma.    A day at the spa would be lovely!!  But alas....the Budget says no.   For now, getting dirty in my garden is a close second.   (I mean actually gardening gutter-folks! don't let the former dorm crazy life fool you! LOL)

Alas, since it is also Church Day, and I am involved in the Service, it's likely gonna start like any other day: a mad rush to get out the door on time.  But the afternoon will be spent at my aunt's beautiful cottage on a lake, with my mom and dad, and some other aunts who are all bringing some food.  And they can cook, so it won't disappoint - I promise you!

And now you know a little more about me.